Monday, July 27, 2009

Because Kids Live Here...

I saw this post on one of the blogs I follow and thought it was a cute idea. Just simple reminders around the house that kids live here. (This is what I found before cleaning up.) So here goes...

Because kids live here...

We cook dolls for dinner:

My poor dog hides under the kitchen table. Normally Sophie can be found on the couch but the morning I took this, the girls were running (which they're not supposed to be doing!) around the house and she got a little nervous:

Barbie shoes are found all around the house and never actually on the Barbie's feet- annoying! This one was on the kitchen table:

Bennett's diapers are mysteriously disappearing and reappearing on dolls:

I've got a bottle drying station in my bathroom:

My car is not parked in the garage, instead my kid's jeep stays nice and dry:

We've got a basket full of tiny shoes by our back door and no matter how many times I try to take shoes out once they don't fit or a season changes, it still overflows:
And finally, because kids live here this is what my tupperware drawer looks like: (No sense in trying to straighten it up because it will go right back to looking like this tomorrow)

So, do you have any cute or funny reminders that kids live in your house, lived in your house at one time or visit your house?? As if the shrieking through the house isn't enough of a reminder!


  1. great idea...I might work on a post like this too....not that it will be hard to find messes :)

  2. Haha!! I LOVE this! And you know...I can relate to pretty much ALL Of it! : )

  3. Yummy dolls for dinner! I think we had that last night. teehee

    I love when little things are out of place because our kids live here. Ok, maybe not the tiny barbie shoes. LOL

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Hilarious and sweet at the same time. I love it!

  5. Isn't that the truth! So familiar to our house. Only my tupperware drawer doesn't look like that because the kids play with it. It is because the almost teenager throws the stuff everywhere! You never know what cabinet to look in!

  6. What a darling idea!!! I enjoyed this post. That darn bottle drying rack!! I am so ready to not have one of those sitting on my counter. I thought for sure I would be by now since Ella is almost 16 months old...but no, the little stinker just doesn't want to eat food.

  7. Hi Adrienne! I found your blog through another blogger. I love this post too! I can relate to almost the whole thing. I think I may have to do a post like that too. Hope to stop back and visit your blog more. By the way your blog is lovely!


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