Monday, July 13, 2009

Every Woman Needs One Of These...

A fun purse or diaper bag! Well in my opinion anyway! Here's why: If you're like me, you have kids or even if you don't, you may not go out as much as you used to when you were younger, so your everyday outfits are pretty simple. If we go to target or a birthday party I will wear a simple skirt, or khaki shorts with a tank or jeans with a shirt in the winter. So how do you spice up the outfit a little more? With a fun purse or bag! I know, big, funky prints are not for everyone but maybe try a bright color. I don't know, it always makes me a little more cheery to be carrying a fun bag when I don't have time to agonize over what to wear.

And guess what?? It's reversible!! Love it!

But wait, there's more! Here's the diaper bag I have for Bennett! I wanted something fun (of course) but also something that did not look too much like a diaper bag. Check out the matching make-up bag with my monogram on it!

So where did I get these cool bags? None other than my super, talented sister Alexa! Her company LexiWynn Designs is based out of Chicago and she makes the bags exclusively for that area so unless you live near there, you'll have to look elsewhere- for now anyway. She is working on updating her website but she mainly has home parties where people can pick out their own fabrics and designs. She stays extremely busy but was kind enough to make me some things! Thanks Lex!

Now, every little girl should have one of these:

Okay, so I know not every little girl will keep a bow in her hair and some moms just aren't into the bow thing but my girls have been wearing bows literally, since the day they were born so I'm always looking for cute hair accessories. I have been wanting to get these and we went to a birthday party over the weekend at "Sweet and Sassy" and I just had to get them! Not sure if Harper will keep the head band on for long and I got her one like the one Ainsley is wearing, which I thought would stay on better but she fussed a little about it-poor Harper, she has a rather large noggin as we like to call it. I'll have to work on getting her to wear the elastic one. But aren't they cute? I wish I could wear one...

What do you think??


Ha, ha-alright, so maybe not;)...

Oh my, who is this cute baby and how did he get on a post about fashion??

I couldn't resist!:)

Have a great Monday!


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures! and LOVE the bags!

  2. Hey there!!! Yeah, can you believe JEB starts school Aug. 5th??? Whatever happened to starting after Labor Day and getting done the week before Memorial Day??? That's how it was when I went to school.....oh well. JEB would rather be at school where all the action is anyway!!

    Now, about these adorable pictures!!!!! I think Bennett looks like Harper......I think. He's getting soooooo big!!!!

    Oh, and the bow is the little dress too!

    Your sister is pretty talented. Neat bags!


  3. Love the bag! Wish I could order one! You're giving your sister free advertising, after all. : )

  4. LOL--with two boys, you lost me on all the bows. But Bennett is ADORABLE! :)
    Oh, and the bow looks great on you, and I love the purse!

  5. Cute bag & great pics too. I love all those bows. Very cute family you have. :)

  6. Cute bags, bows, and kids!

  7. What a fun post! I love the diaper bag - what a talented sister you have!!

    Bennett is looking as cute as ever - I always enjoy seeing pictures of him!

  8. love the bag!! Your sister needs to set up shop on etsy and sell, sell, sell!!! :) Love the bows, I miss the days my girls wore those cute bow bands...enjoy it now, they will all too soon pass :( Bennett is precious! Love the way he holds his hands like Parker! Be blessed! Lara

  9. cute bags!! I especially love the diaper bag.

  10. LOVE the bag, but those little ones' faces take the cake! Bennett is such a beautiful lil' man. I love the baby clasp with his hands. Smooches to him!!!!!!


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