Sunday, April 26, 2009

Warm Weekend and First NST...

It was a beautiful weekend here! But I will say Sunday was a little too steamy for April! In the 90's, I believe and I'm just so thankful I've had Winter/Spring babies because I would not be a happy pregnant women in the Summer! Ainsley was thrilled that she got to wear her flip flops to the grocery store, just like mommy does. The simplest things make her so happy- I love it!

I'm excited to say we've started on the patio or should I say Mike has started. I would've taken a picture of him slaving away but I have a feeling he wouldn't be too happy with that. Poor thing worked himself to death in the sun and heat. If he can complete a project without hiring out, he does it, he refuses to pay people to do things he feels he can do and I admire that but I know he is completely worn out. My parents are coming this weekend (didn't know this until a few days ago so that's a nice surprise) and my dad will be here to give his expert advice:) So we may just have a patio before Bennett arrives, another check on my list!:) I love you Mike!!

We've been enjoying nightly walks around the neighborhood, Ainsley loves riding her bike and Harper cruises in her car. This has sadly replaced my running I believe. I just don't have the energy and I really don't want Bennett coming any earlier than planned (if I can help it) so I think it's best to stick to walking now. And forget it if Mike can't go with us, I'm terrified of something happening while out walking, chasing and pushing them along-Ainsley is not very happy with this though. I'm sure she is getting sick of hearing "mommy is tired"!

So today was my first non-stress test as well as an another ultrasound. Things looked good on the ultrasound and Bennett was moving around like crazy. As soon as they hooked me up to the monitors, which monitor any contractions as well as heart rate, he stopped moving. I was supposed to push the button every time he moved- so I'm waiting and waiting and the nurse comes back in and asks if I have anything to eat so I start eating a Zone bar I have and that finally got him going again. I was starting to worry a bit because he moves like crazy but he decided to take a little snooze of course when we needed him to perform! All in all, they were pleased with what they saw and they told me to come back for another one in a week.

We've got a busy week ahead with Mike out of town:(, school winding down, swim lessons, play dates and Harper's birthday! Stay cool during this heat wave!


  1. We've got the heat wave, too. Who would have thought- in APRIL?!?! And I remember having my NST with my youngest...he was ALWAYS a mover and a shaker and decided when it was time for him to move he was going to nap. They had to use the little buzzer to wake him up! Can't wait to "meet" Bennett!

  2. I'll have to keep up on your blog--especially since our little ones will be so close in age! Right now it looks like Anna will have surgery sometime in long as she can gain weight. It's so nice to have her here though so I know what I do and don't have to worry about--I can't wait to hear all the info about little Bennett!

  3. I am enjoying our heatwave, but I am not pregnant. After three summertime babies, I can relate to your "pain".

    Glad to hear your NST went well. Yay, you're almost there or rather, he's almost here!

  4. Sounds like a busy time!! Can't wait to see pics of that patio!! of course, with Bennett and the girls enjoying with you and Mike!!

    Be careful this week and I'm counting down the days!!!


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