Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A little update...

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 34 week check up and everything looked good, except for my weight- but that's never good while I'm pregnant! I saw the same doctor that I saw last time (the one that has a son with Down syndrome) and I chickened out about asking him about his son. Not sure why but it just didn't feel right and for some reason I think he knows I know.

Anyways, we were told by the specialist at my last growth scan that I would have to start non-stress tests twice a week starting at 34 weeks so I mentioned this to my OB and he said everyone in his practice as well as the maternal fetal medicine group (except for this one doctor) felt that it was really unnecessary but to make everyone happy we would do one a week. I'm comfortable with that. So they will do a full ultrasound as well as monitor fluid levels and hook me up to monitor Bennett's kicks and heart rate every week now until delivery.

I did end up calling my OB last Thursday due to some pain in my stomach (I've never gone into labor so I really have no idea what contractions feel like) that seemed to be coming every 5 min. They told me to rest and drink water and thankfully they went away. I have felt really good up until about last week, just getting really uncomfortable and having a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions- I guess I should drink more water!! I don't know if kicking in the womb has anything to do with muscle tone but if it does, Bennett kicks and moves and squirms like crazy! Way more than my girls did. I mentioned this to the specialist that also suggested the twice weekly non-stress tests and he said low tone is not the big issue with "these" babies. Well I know for a fact, it can be a huge issue, I mean obviously there are cognitive delays but tone has a lot to do with eating, drinking, talking, crawling, walking so I'm pretty sure it is a big issue. That made me a little mad. I hate feeling like I know more about Down syndrome than these doctors that have gone to school for years- pretty ridiculous. I don't know, he could have been referring to his heart defect more than the Down syndrome but I guess I just have the feeling that his heart can be fixed but the Down syndrome can't so I just want to do whatever I can to help Bennett.

Not much else going on, now that I'm done with most of my projects I'm getting a little anxious and just want to be done being pregnant! I did get a call today (message on the answering machine) from a nurse that would like to schedule a time to tour the NICU "in case your baby needs the services at the NICU after birth" - great, thanks for the reminder. Not like I haven't been there before. I know, I know it's good to be prepared and there is a good possibility that he will have to go to the NICU but I don't like thinking about it much.

Well, Harper will be turning two next weekend and we have plans to meet "Dora" so that should be fun or not- she's terrified of big cartoon characters so it could be a disaster! Otherwise just counting down the days....


  1. Happy Birthday Harper!

    Kira moved like a crazy girl in the womb. Now she's always on the move.

    So exciting that it's getting so close!!

  2. I'm so excited!!! I can't wait until he's here!!! Praying that his birth will go soooooo smoothly and his heart issues will be minimal!!!!

    Glad you're feeling good!!!

  3. Adrienne,
    Don't stress about the stress test (that sounded funny didn't it?) I had to do it too and it is no big deal. The first time I went I had not eaten then I found out that they were waiting to see how much the baby moved...then on out I made sure I was eating and drinking when I went in so that Mr william would move around and I could get out of there asap! lol. And as far as the NICU...I'm sure a lot of people have told you horror stories (don't know why people feel so inclined to do so at such a scary time in life) but anyway, we were told not to plan on going home 2-4 weeks after William was born and he never went into the NICU unit so every baby is different and dont let that bother you. Have fun at Dora :)

  4. I had to have a stress test at 35 weeks and that is when they sent me for an ultrasound, but that was because Sam was measuring so small, 4 weeks behind in growth. They didn't know he had DS so they hadn't taken any precautions during my pregnancy. I am glad you are having them do the tests and keeping a close eye on your and your little boy. Sam moved around a ton although everytime we had an ultrasound his arms were straight out to his sides, guess that was the low muscle tone? He is a very strong baby now though at 8 months, his PT is amazed at how strong he is and how good his tone it so maybe it did have something to do with how much he moved in his stomach. You also will realize throughout his life you will probably know more about DS then any Doctor!! :-)

  5. You're doing great. Try not to worry too much. (I know, easier said than done.)

    I didn't know about Benjamin until after he was born, and he moved in the womb just as much as my first son, which wasn't abnormal either way, just normal I guess. LOL

    Obviously we don't know how Bennett will do once he's born, but I just wanted to tell you that Benjamin was born with three heart defects and never spent one minute in the NICU! :)

  6. Actually you probably do more about DS than the doctors. My OB flat out admitted that he had limited knowledge about disabilities like DS as that would be in the realm of the pediatrician, not an OB-GYN.

    Also, Caden kicked A LOT! I thought I was growing a circus performer in my belly lol!

  7. Luke was a wriggler- the midwife had to corner him in my tummy to get a heartbeat. But it's a good sign. I have read that kids with DS are either motor-driven or observers, and if they are motor-driven he will be motivated to move, so it may be easier to get him on the go. Luke has been commando crawling since 10 months, and is learning to crawl properly.

    Sounds like Bennett is doing well.

  8. Hey! What a great blog! Found you through another (blogging) friend...and I just have to say...that although I do not know you, I am so excited about the birth of your baby boy!! You are a lucky girl-no quips about "angels" and "God finding just the right family for these special children." All that is true in its own way, but I'm telling you that you are in for the most incredible journey of your life! Abundance of joy that you didn't even know existed is about ready to descend on your house! Be Blessed


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