Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friends, Waffles and Toes!!

Well, I have been excited for this day ever since my friends Ginger and Renee mentioned it a while back. A salon day as well as breakfast and to my surprise, a showering of gifts!! So fun!

Let me start out by saying that it is not easy moving to a whole new state while pregnant and on top of that finding out some pretty scary information about your unborn child half way through the pregnancy and quitting your job to stay at home with a 4 year old and 1 year old. Not expecting a pity party here but it's not your ideal situation to have all of those things going on at once but I consider myself a pretty strong girl... Well these two girls have been so sweet to welcome me to the area and introduce me to people, offer help and to just be great friends. It's like we've known each other for years but we only just met this past summer! Here they are, Ginger and Renee- such wonderful friends!!

We started off the morning going to breakfast at a cute little restaurant in town that had delicious food! I love waffles so that's what I devoured, Ginger had quiche and Renee had cream cheese, blue berry waffles-can you say YUMMY?!! We just had to take a picture of Renee's waffles...

The girls were very sweet to buy some gifts for little Bennett! I mentioned to them that this was the first shower I had ever had while pregnant! This is because when I was pregnant with Ainsley, the weekend of my first shower I ended up in the hospital and had Ainsley 3 days later so everyone showed up to my shower but I wasn't there:( I then had 2 more after Ainsley was born and while she was still in the hospital. With Harper there was no need to have a shower, being a girl and we had everything and even with Bennett I did not expect to have a shower at all so it was a nice surprise that they did this for me!!

Here are some cute Robeez that Renee got for me- they have little Prince Crowns on them- so cute!!

Here are two cards that Renee's kids made for the shower-(sorry, Ellie's is upside down!) Very sweet!

This is an adorable blanket that Ginger's mom knitted- so soft and she did an awesome job!!
They got me so many other things that we really needed like lotions, baby soap, an awesome mobile (that I totally needed and was stressing about that Ginger had no idea I needed and it looks perfect in B's room!), clothes, bib, blanket etc.- in other words-we have toned down the pink in our house now:) I'm sure Mike will be thankful for that!
After we stuffed ourselves, we were off to the nail salon for pedicures and manicures! I haven't had either in a very long time so this was a real treat. Here we are enjoying ourselves thoroughly in the comfy chairs!

And here are our beautiful toes, sandal ready and today was a perfect day for it because it was 76 degrees and sunny- woo hoo!!

It was a perfect morning and when I returned home the girls were eager to see what I had in the bags and to see my toes! Mike had them fed and the house was nice and clean! We had a little miscommunication about a Yankees game he told his coworkers he would go to but it worked out and he was able to go to that. Back to reality I guess;)
I put Harper down for her nap and I had promised Ainsley once I had my toes painted I would paint hers so here they are...
She is begging me to wear her sandals now, unfortunately the weather is not going to stay quite as warm so she is a little confused with proper outfits and shoes, she thinks it's time to wear her bathing suit! For my sake and everyone else, thank goodness it's not time to wear a bathing suit just yet!!:)
Thanks again Ginger and Renee for everything!!!!


  1. What fun!! You definitely deserved a morning out - I'm glad you have met such nice friends where you live.

    By the way you look amazing!! I love your pink polka dot shirt - very nice!

  2. Sounds like a PERFECT day! :)

  3. what an awesome 'girly' day for you!!! Nice toes!!!!

  4. Looks like y'all had fun!

    Totally unrelated - Kira and I love the music on your blog. She hops into my lap, does the sign for music, and starts singing "no mo, no mo"* to let me know that we need to get your blog up and going. *(that's a little piece of the jason mraz song)


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