Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break, But Is It Really A Break?

Nope, not this year. This coming week is full of important doctor appointments and family time (which we are excited about!) Here's a run down of my up coming week:

Monday: Dentist for the girls in the morning: I'm particularly interested in how Harper will do, she's been before back in August and did okay but in the last 2-3 months she has really started showing her little personality. I would describe it as (and my friends that see her often can vouch for this) rude faces to strangers (although she makes rude faces at Ainsley and Mike too, hmm...)and doesn't put up with any crap. She's a take charge kind of gal so having a dentist look into her mouth is probably not her idea of being in control and like her mama, she likes to be in control. Ainsley on the other hand should be fine as long as she knows there's a prize at the end of it all.

And then an OB appt. in the afternoon (the girls will be with a babysitter- thank goodness!) I am hoping we can get my c-section date on the books (hoping for May 22nd)- the hold up is whether or not the hospital will approve of me having a c-section at 38 weeks and 6 days rather than at the standard 39 weeks- gimme a break! I really hope that this will be approved. We are trying to have it done on a week day so the cardiologist can be there but they have me turning 39 weeks on that Saturday and my OB's don't want to wait until the following Monday because that will be Memorial day and then they don't want me going into labor because I have to have a c-section with this one since I've had two already. Gees! Seems to me it would only make sense- so we will see. Also, I should find out if I have to go in every week from here on out to do a non-stress test.

Tuesday: 32 week growth scan- excited to see little Bennett and this time I will ask for the tech to email the pics again so I can get them on here. Of course, always a little leery of these ultrasounds (like, what are they going to find now??) but my belly is definitely growing so he should be too and that's mainly what they are looking for now. I don't think anything else can pop up out of the blue, but you never know.

Wednesday: No appt. but Mike's parents are coming for Easter! They will stay through the next Tuesday, April 14th. We are looking forward to their visit!

Monday the 13th: Big appointment at CHOP in Philadelphia. We go for another fetal echo to again look at Bennett's heart and specifically at the leaky valve they saw last time to see if it has gotten worse. Not sure what it means if it's progressed but they don't expect that it will. We should also be taking a tour of the PICU to see where Bennett will stay when he has his heart surgery later in the summer or early fall. Wow, it's still really weird to think he is going to have heart surgery- I can't imagine how I'm going to feel when that time actually comes. Let's just get him out safely before we start to worry about that!

So I'll keep you updated as we go along. After these next 2 weeks I'm looking forward to a "Spa Day" that my friends have told me a little about- can't wait!!

Maybe next Spring Break we'll go to Disney World!


  1. Adrienne.....I fixed the permission thing on JEB's come on over for a visit! So, you guys are on Spring break this week too, huh??? Neat! JEB has school since he was out last week, so we can't really go anywhere, but we can get some stuff done around the house that we normally couldn't do with him around!!! Let me know what you think of his page!!!

  2. That's a lot going on but I know it will all be good! By the way...what's Bennett's heart defect called again? I know you posted it before but I wasn't able to find it. Brett, my husband, has a VSD and they detected an ASD during Marley's echo after she was born. We follow up with the cardiologist in April with her...I can only imagine what it must be like already knowing that Bennett is going to have to have surgery. No one thinks that Marley will but still...

    I love catching up through your blog...if you head through this way we'll definitely have to catch up in person! Keep me posted :)

  3. What a crazy week, it will be nice to have your in-laws there to help a bit though so you can maybe get some relaxin in! Good luck with everything... looking forward to the update!

  4. Hey Adrienne! Hope the dentist appt. went well with the girls. We've kept a very close eye on JEB's teeth thru the years, but he hasn't had an official visit yet, but I'm seeing a couple of dark spots on a couple of teeth that I know need to be addressed. We are fortunate that we have a pediatric dentist that specializes in special needs children, so we'll try that one. JEB had cataracht surgury when he was 2 yrs. old and doesn't cooperate very well with that sort of stuff.

    Anyway, I fixed his blog so that you can comment now. I'm glad you liked his page.....I was moved to tears when I first saw it. The girl who did it is my BFF's oldest daughter. She did an AWESOME job!!!

  5. me again.....his name comes from the Civil War general....JEB Stuart. His full name is John Ethan Benjamin.....but his daddy wanted his name to be like an acrostyc puzzle. I really didn't think I'd call him JEB very much, but he's never been anything but JEB since he was born! Getting everyone to spell it right is the hard part! Most people want to spell it Jeb.....not J.E.B. Oh well!


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