Friday, April 24, 2009

35 Weeks, Belly Pics and Spring Outfits!

Wow, 5 weeks has flown by since the last time I posted a belly pic! We only have 4 weeks to go now until we meet Bennett!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to not only meet him but to not be pregnant anymore-Mike will agree! I know, being pregnant and uncomfortable is actually much easier than caring for a newborn but to not have this huge belly out in front of me will be nice and maybe I'll even be pleasant to be around!;) So here is my progression...

22 weeks...

25 weeks...

30 weeks...

35 weeks!!!

I don't know, I think the black may be a little slimming on the torpedo because my belly looks even bigger in person! I even had a sweet lady at Party City yesterday ask when I was due and I said I had four more weeks and she said "Oh, you're belly is bigger than mine and I only have 2 weeks left" -gee..., thanks. The past couple of weeks I've been retaining a lot of fluid but I started drinking a ton of water and I'm happy to report that I can see my ankle bones again! And my rings are loose!

And just for fun... it's finally getting warm enough for the girls to wear some of their spring Chez Ami outfits so I had to post a pic! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE dressing up my girls?? Or is that pretty obvious?:) Yes, I was made to have little girls. Oh, don't worry, Bennett has a coordinating outfit to go with this one-little brown check (like Ainsley's paints) shortall with a "B" on it. Can't wait to put him in it! And no, I won't dress him too "sissy", I'll make sure my little guy looks good or Mike will make sure of that!;0 This was sweet because when posing for this pic, Miss Harper actually put her little arm around big sister's waist, it's usually Ainsley trying to keep Harper in the picture. And as soon as Harper sees me pull out the camera now, she's already saying "cheese!!"

We're looking forward to spending the weekend outside with the girls-should be in the 80's here! Hope everyone has a good one!!


  1. You look so great! Oh, I remember that feeling of being ready to be done with the big belly! 4 weeks will be here before you know it - I can't wait to see pictures of Bennett!

    Your girls look so cute in their spring outfits!

    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. I can't believe there are only 5 weeks left till Bennett arives. I am soooo jealous, you look fantastic, who could be so insensitive to tell you something like that,people can be so mean and cruel....I guess she just had a case of placenta brain:or maybe she was just mean spirited.Oh well you look fantastic, my booty was the size of a travel trailer. The day before I had my son, one lady said oh your pregnant I just thought you was fat...MEAN!!Your little girls are beautiful I have two boys, and I try to coordinate all of our outfits before we go anywhere,but be prepared boys don't have near the cute clothes that girls do:( so sad..Have a wonderful day, and never mind what that lady said, you look great.

  3. Awwww, I think you look great! Your belly only looks big because the rest of you is so tiny. :)

    And your girls are precious.

  4. I agree with Marla--you are so tiny everywhere else, that's why you have such a torpedo. But Bennett makes an adorable torpedo. :)

    I can't believe you're so close!

    Today my Benjamin is one. I have been feeling nostalgic and kinda weepy all day. LOL

  5. Oh look FABULOUS!!! AND you look like you simply swallowed a watermelon!!! I agree with the post above....the rest of you is so tiny, so of course your belly looks so huge!!! CAN't wait to see Bennett!!!

    I'm also here to attest to the fact that there simply is not enough neat clothes for little boys.....although The Children's Place had some neat stuff this spring....JEB has two of the vests and stripey shirts to match. Way too cute!!! I'm all about that preppy look!

    The girls look adorable, of course! The will be such good little helpers!!!

    Listen, have a fantastic weekend outside in the sunshine. You will be so busy in a few weeks with that sweet little guy! Take advantage now!

    Talk to you later, my friend.....

  6. You look GORGEOUS! And trust me, they are better out than in! When I had 6 weeks to go with Luke, I had 6 people comment in one day about how I would have a new baby for xmas (2 weeks away) and be totally shocked when I corrected them. One woman said that was not possible, as I would explode!!!! Of course your tummy is big, you're pregnant. What do people think is in there?! You look fab. Eat lots of chocolate and enjoy it :)

  7. Getting Excited To See Bennett here too!! Yay!

    The Girls look Fab in their New spring outfits!

    Your belly is certainly big but it is very firm and you are in Awesome shape!

    The black makes it hard too really see what your tum looks like.

    I had a huge HUGE belly when I was pregnant and Hunter came to us weighing 4 lb 14 Oz So go figure! It must have been all the Ice cream ! :P Keep us posted! Bennett Could come any time now!

  8. You look fantastic. the girls are so adorable. Just a few more weeks. I can't wait to see pictures!

  9. Hi! Congratulations on your 35th week!!! Woop! I just came across your site and wanted to say that we, too, have a little guy with an extra chromosome. His name is Gunnar and he is 5 years old now. We were soooo scared about raising a child with special needs and I was so worried about "saddling" my hubby down with a special child - oh, I wish I had not spent so much time worrying. Our son is awesome! And my husband loooooooves him like I could've never imagined! We have a private website with like a zillion pictures - if you want to take a peek just email me and I will give you the password.
    This little guy is going to rock your world in the best of ways!
    A happy mama, ~Lauri

  10. you look great and the girls' outfits are precious. Girls are fun to dress up but boy do have cute jon-jons too

  11. I came across your blog from Holly's---what a beautiful family you have! Love the belly pics--they are always fun! I am also expecting, and have had a turn of events, finding out our little girl is not going to survive---sometimes life throws us a curveball, but all we can do is make the best of it!


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