Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Easter Fun!

This weekend started with a local Easter egg hunt that I thought would be fun for the girls and another opportunity to get pictures of them in their Easter dresses since they are pretty much Easter specific (smocked bunnies with eggs). Don't think we will be wearing them again until next year (hopefully they'll fit!). However, when we arrived we were surprised to see the other 400 people that had the same idea. Once we found our proper age group they announced that the "hunt" could begin. The eggs were right there on the grass so I thought the girls could just happily pick them up and drop them in their baskets but instead greedy parents rushed with their kids and snatched up all the eggs for their toddlers! We got one stinkin' egg and only because a mom made her little 2 year old give one to Harper!

Harper had fun, she didn't care if she didn't get many eggs.
Ainsley on the other hand, did not have fun. Here she is with Grandpa (Mike's dad), looking very timid. She said she was afraid the Easter Bunny was going to pop out when we asked why she was so scared. She barely cracked a smile and did not want to pick up one egg- not that she could get one any way-gees!!
This was her concerned face the entire time- I really think she thought some huge Bunny was going to pop out of the bushes...poor thing.

And Harper, care free, no idea what we were doing but had fun doing it!

So Saturday we dyed Easter eggs and Ainsley of course loved doing this. Only one egg cracked and all were eventually made into deviled eggs by Grandma, that we thoroughly enjoyed at Easter dinner!

Harper didn't want to cooperate during this activity. Here she is throwing a fit, as Ainsley calls it...

Easter Sunday the girls looked for their baskets that the Easter Bunny hid and then off to church. On the way to church Ainsley asked all about the Easter Bunny and I changed the subject and drilled her on why we really celebrate Easter and to my surprise she said "he arose"! So proud of my little girl, I hope she never forgets it! Here's the fam Easter morning...

After church we decided to do a much smaller egg hunt so the girls could at least know what it's like to search for eggs with prizes in them and collect them in their baskets. Ainsley enjoyed this much better-no threat of a huge Bunny I guess or crazy parents!

And yes, they are in scarves in almost the middle of April! Take me back to the South!!!! I mean it!!!!

Grandma with Harper...
and with both girls...
Grandpa with Harper...
and finally Easter dinner...
Ainsley said our prayer-(with my help) and even thanked Jesus for dying on the cross so we could be saved-that was said by herself!

So Monday morning we are off to CHOP to meet with the Pediatric Cardiologist and to do another fetal echo on Bennett's heart. Please pray that everything remains the same (or better of course) and nothing has gotten worse. We really do appreciate everyone that is praying for us, I truly feel it's helped me get through this pregnancy without worrying myself to death! Less than 6 weeks to go now!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!


  1. Beautiful family- thanks for posting the pics. Will be praying for your appointment tomorrow. I've been where you are. Hugs!

  2. It looks like you had a very fun day today! You look amazing!

    I will be praying for your appointment tomorrow.

  3. Adrienne.....what beautiful girls you have!!! These are precious pictures.....and I totally understand about one of them not wanting to participate.....JEB used to smile so nicely for me when it came to, I can't get him to hold his head still for more than a nanosecond and smile??? What's that??? And forget posing for a pictures!

    You tried, and that's all you can do. But it does look like they had fun.

    Thanks for checking in on JEB. Yes, he's much better. Thank goodness for a Z-pack! He's still a little congested, but just trying to keep it thinned out.

    I'll be praying for you this morning as you go to your appt. GOD will give you peace.....

  4. I am so sorry to hear about the egg hunt, that really stinks when parents have to act that way...I don't think they realize it is for the KIDS! Looks like you had a great Easter and the girls' dresses were precious. I will be praying for you cardio visit for Mr. B, hope everything goes well.

  5. The girls were so cute in their Easter dresses!

    I'm so glad that the checkup for Bennett's heart went well. I totally understand the feelings when you tour the CICU. It was more than I could handle until I had to walk in to see Ainsley. It was easier for me when she was actually there because then I had to go in to see my baby...doesn't make sense, I know.

    Got a suggestion for Harper's fading naptime: when Gavin started doing all of that, we took him out of the crib and put him in a regular bed. We also put a child-lock on the inside of his door to keep him from getting out. That gave him the freedom to play in his room--and to climb back into bed if he wanted to. We just used one of those doorknob covers that the kiddos don't know how to squeeze the sides of to make the doorknob turn. Worked like a charm! It kept him contained until we were ready to tell him that naptime was over. Good luck!


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