Sunday, April 24, 2011

There's Just Something About...

...little girls in pastel dresses and little boys in button downs and ties.

Flowers are blooming, grass is green, birds are chirping.


Oh how I love dressing the kids up for Easter Sunday! And when it's actually warm, it really makes me happy!

We had a nice Easter this year. I had a little dress malfunction right before church which forced me to wear the same dress from last year but we're going to move on from that;)

The kids have been hunting for eggs for about a month now so to finally hunt for their Easter basket on Sunday was a huge thrill for them.

Church was wonderful and I've been trying to explain to the girls why we REALLY celebrate Easter. Ainsley gets it {kind of} but Harper is thoroughly confused. The other night while she was saying her prayers she said "Please let Jesus, help God, help the Easter Bunny go to Heaven, Amen" LOL.

Our good friends Keith and Ginger came to church with us. They're always so photogenic!

Mike with his "buddy".

I love my boys.

Later on we went to a friends house and had an awesome Easter dinner. All the kids continued to hunt for eggs and Bennett enjoyed the swing...

And who doesn't enjoy some cute swing pics?

My happy boy.

There's just something about Easter.

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  1. Great pictures! Your children are adorable, you have a great looking family! And, I like your dress! The happy baby swing picutres are really too cute and a great Easter treat! Happy Easter!

  2. Oh,I love the pics of Bennett on the swing, I think Emily would spend hours on the swing, if she could find someone to push her for that long :-)

  3. Your family photos are always so great!

  4. You have such a beautiful family!

  5. Beautiful Adrienne! Happy Easter!

  6. Beautiful family! Love the pictures of the kids, they look so sweet all dressed up! I don't know that I have ever experienced a warm Easter. No pretty pastel dresses over here. It snowed yesterday.

  7. oh my goodness! ginger and i went to wake together! what a small world!
    muffy (meredith) smith

  8. Awe! You all look great! Love that last shot of Mr. Bennett. Happy Easter!! :)

  9. Seriously could your family be any more beautiful??
    The pictures of Mike and Bennett are perfect. Well are the pictures of him are. He reminds me so much of Sky with his smile and his love of swings.
    I always wanted a little boy to dress in little ties and button down shirts. Now with Skylars diagnosis its put a major strain on when I think Ill be ready to have another child...... Im glad you guys had a wonderful easter!

  10. Glad you had a great Easter! Loved looking at your beautiful pics! Too cute :)

  11. You have such a beautiful family!!!

  12. everyone looks so 'springy' in their easter attire :) and it looks like bennett loves the swing as much as miss maggie!

  13. Beautiful pictures and family! Cute prayer by Harper.

  14. What a beautiful family! Hope you all had a blessed Easter.
    We continue to keep you and your father in our prayers.


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