Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Special Night...

                                  Our little girl got all dressed up...

in her pastel yellow dress, with little white gloves...
in all her toothless, six year old glory...

and went to her first daddy-daughter dance.
She had never really seen a corsage before...she loved it!

Such a sweet and special night for both of them:)


  1. How sweet! They look so happy and your daughter looks like a doll! Hope they had a great Daddy daughter dance!

  2. Love that! She is so beautiful! What a special experience.

  3. ummm, how adorable is the one of them dancing. This is great stuff here, I have this belief that if father's take time for their daughters like this, they will turn out just fine! God bless you all! love it.

  4. These pictures are beyond precious! Mike is such an awesome dad and Miss Ainsley looks so adorable and happy to be attending her very first dance with her daddy!

  5. Adorable! Wish my husband could have done that with our daughters (all 6), but we didn't have anything like that around here~ except for Garden Club events and I have never had the money to fit in there. So glad Ainsley gets to do these things with her daddy. :)
    Also, I was thrilled to read your previous post and "hear" how well your parents and Bennett are doing. Sorry he and Ainsley were sick, though.

  6. Oh my these are so sweet! Love her toothless smile, so adorable!

  7. Oh wow! What precious, price-less photos! Adorable!

    I apologize because I don't know if I ever answered your question about where the glass drinking jars from Westin's party were from. I borrowed them from a friend and she doesn't know where she got them. She said it was online and she thinks it was a candle store. I'm sorry I'm not more help!


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