Monday, April 11, 2011

Hint of Summer....

I walked into our local Pottery Barn over the weekend and fell in love with all the sea shells, sand and starfish.  Huge glass vases were filled with candles and starfish.  Everywhere I turned I saw starfish and I LOVED it.  It screamed light and airy, care free, relaxation...summer.

So I went elsewhere and purchased a few things to put here and there for all of about $10 and I don't care if it's a bit early, I'm in love with starfish now.  Yes, I still have my eggs, nests, bunnies and birds out but I just couldn't wait to put these two vases out.  They make me happy.  Plus I think it goes with the "Nantucket" feel I'm going for;)

Speaking of summer....

This was the first time these baby white legs had seen the sun this year.  Don't worry, they were covered in sunblock!

Yep, Bennett enjoyed the 84 degree day we had, crawling all over the sidewalk.

Bennett's never played with sidewalk chalk before but once I showed him what to do, he got the hang of it.

And then I thought I'd see what he would do if I put him in the grass...

Not too sure about it....but he touched it and tolerated it....and then signed "all done".  Yeah, not a big fan.

Reminds me of a picture from last summer....

My sweet little Bennett.

 He'd had enough.  We'll work on getting him used to it this summer.
By the way this little love got a much needed hair cut from his mommy.  I did it while he was taking a bath and I know you think I'm crazy for doing it in the bath but I had my reasons and it looks pretty darn good!  Hopefully no one will call him a girl now!  {I'll share pics later.}

His hair was cut after these pictures, so it's a bit shorter now but looks really cute!  I think a few thought this was the haircut!

Well since we don't get much of a spring up here in PA, I guess summer will be right around the corner;)



  1. He is just the sweetest thing! Oh goodness.
    Love your starfish =)

  2. He is just so cute! What a doll! I love the starfish too, great idea to bring a little warm weather in. Thanks!

  3. I love the starfish in the hurricane! Nice job. Where did you find the starfish?

    Bennett is adorable in that picture with the grass!! too cute.

  4. Love the starfish and Bennett's chubby toes and wrist. He is precious!!

  5. You did a great job with the haircut!!! It looks so cute on him! Im glad you finally got some warm weather you could enjoy.
    I remember the grass stage, Skylar hated it and I mean HATED it for the first two years of her life. We would put her on it and she would with sit or stand on her tippy toes, waiting for someone to take her off. She would not crawl or move, she was not interested at all and hated the way it felt. We could not take her shoes off. After many park visits and 30 months later, it was like it didnt bother her at all. I guess her sense to it totally changed.
    Im reading this book on raising a sensory smart child, its really helping me with the other symptoms besides ws with Sky!!
    Oh and btw I LOVE your candles

  6. Sweet boy! I cut Luc's hair in the bath too but yesterday we had to hold him down just to cut his bangs. He screamed like he was being tortured ;) Oh and grass is a great tool for using a walker too, it slows them down a lot.

  7. awesome job on the haircut :) i am so ready for summer - we had 80s on sunday too and then today it was 47 when i took the girls to school... agh!!! have a great tuesday!!!

  8. Beautiful pictures of your little man. The starfish look great! Very Nantucket indeed!


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