Monday, April 18, 2011

My Crazy Week.

Last week was a blur. I don't think I've ever had a more packed week with so many important things going on. I won't bore you with ALL of the details but it involved:
  • Mike being out of town
  • Anxiously waiting to hear news about my dad's trial and then finding out BAD news
  • Mike having a very important meeting for his job
  • Ainsley having surgery {large mole removed, went well but she has to come back to get more off in a few months}
  • Dentist appointments for all 3 kids at the same time {Bennett had his first dentist appt.!}
  • Deciding to fly to Nashville at the last minute to see my dad
  • Flying alone kinda scares me {horrible turbulence on one of the flights} and I had to rent a car which I've never done...I survived.
  • Ainsley getting ready for her little surgery.

Bennett BEFORE the dentist checked and cleaned his teeth...let's just say Bennett wasn't happy {at all} about the cleaning.

So my dad...he could use some prayers. Things aren't good but they've got a plan. I'm so glad I went out there to see my parents though. Hopefully I was a help to them rather than a stressor.

They are staying at the Hope Lodge which is a wonderful place where cancer patients and their families can stay for free. It is super helpful for patients that have to go back and forth to the hospital for treatment. My parents are grateful for it and my mom told me that much of the money raised for the Relays for Life that go on all around the country go to these Hope Lodges. The Hope Lodge in Nashville is the biggest in the country and was very nice.

I know my mom and dad are so appreciative of my mom's sister Peggy and her husband Tom for driving them to Nashville last week. As well as for my cousin Gary and his wife Ellen for opening up their home. My parents did no plan on staying, the plan was to pick up more trial medicine and head back the next day but that didn't happen. So a huge thanks to everyone that has helped my parents, whether it be driving them, feeding them, watching their animals, getting their mail, helping with their yard. It's all so appreciative. Cancer can turn your world upside down and to have people try and make your life as normal as possible, it's truly a godsend.

This week the plan is for my dad to have gamma knife radiation to his brain. After that is taken care of, they will hopefully get put back on a trial. The doctors are not ready to "throw in the towel" and neither is my dad. Melanoma is extremely difficult to treat at this stage but the doctors that are working with my dad are experts in this disease so we're hoping and praying they can find the drug that is going to stop this cancer. But ultimately it's up to the Great Physician.

As far as this week, it's going to be low key. Nothing huge going on, just waiting to hear how things go with my dad and the gamma knife.
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  1. Sounds like an overwhelming week for you! I'll be praying for your Dad. Bennett looks so cute in the dentist chair...Emily is going to have her first appointment once she finishes chemo.

  2. My thoughts are with you and your parents. What a difficult time for you all, please know you have my prayers! All the best!


  3. My prayers go out to your dad and your family. I too have been there, Adrienne, so we're "soul sisters" in more ways than one. Hang in there and try to take time for yourself too! (And let me know about your husband's job plans!!!)

  4. Prayers are with you and your family, Adrienne. That's a lot of stuff (and stress) happening all in one week...stay strong, girl!!

  5. God bless you, I will keep you & your family in my prayers.

  6. You know we're always praying for your pops. Is his Gamma at Nashville? I'm so glad they are able to utilize Hope Lodge. Lately most of my trips are only one night so I just get a hotel. However, when I first started this trial Cody and I were in Nashville for over a week so Hope Lodge saved us lots of money. I head back to Nashville May 11. Let me know is you or your parents will be there. I would love to meet up. Huge huge hugs coming your way!

  7. Praying for you all! If you find a little time could you please share any tips on taking a little one with Ds to the dentist. Our little guy is 4 months shy of 3 years old and will be going to the dentist soon, for the first time. And I know it's going to be a rough day for everyone involved. Any tips would help.

  8. Praying for your dad and your family. So glad that you got to go down and visit him. Sorry to hear Bennett did not like the dentist. Rachel does not get upset about it, but she will never open her mouth when they tell her and we end up prying it open for them to get a quick look. Her first couple of cleanings were done with just a tooth brush. She had a "real" cleaning on her last trip and did okay. Hope Ainsley is recovering well from her surgery. Sounds you guys are taking the preventative measures to keep everyone healthy. Hope you get a chance to take it a little easy over the holiday weekend and into next week. Happy Easter.


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