Friday, January 7, 2011

A Snowy B-Day...

So today I turned 33...yuck! But I know, be thankful for another year! And believe me, I am! It's just, I still can't believe I'm in my 30's now, with 3 kids! I've been in my 30's for 3 years and still can't believe it!

Anyways, nothing too grand happened today and actually the girls were not on their best behavior, even after I told them:

"It's mommy's birthday, you're not allowed to be like this today!"


That's being a mom for you though! Kids have to be fed and disciplined and the laundry has to be folded, even if it is your birthday!

We did get to play in the snow that fell over night though....

Love these girls!

Please notice Harper. She's ticked that it's not her turn-yes, that's what I dealt with today... and pretty much all day! Just keepin' it real folks!

Bennett was all snuggled up in his crib during this time;)

Mike plans on making me a yummy dinner, which I look forward to because he's a really good cook! And tomorrow I'm looking forward to lunch and a pedicure with good friends!

Alright, being 33 isn't so bad!


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm 33 too and I have two girls, one boy, and my boy has down syndrome. I hope tomorrow is better with the Lisa and dinner is great tonight.

  2. Happy Birthday Day!!!! I get to turn 33 in a few short months you said far better than the alternative! Enjoy your dinner and pedicure tomorrow!

  3. Happy 33rd!! I'll be 40 next week - yikes!

  4. Happy Birthday, Adrienne! Looks like you had fun sledding, meltdowns and all! Enjoy your evening and fun day ahead tomorrow :)

  5. Happy Birthday to you! I just turned 34 and I have been in denial that I hit 30 for four years! ;)
    Super fun and cute pics!

  6. Happy Birthday!
    I will be 32 in just a few weeks. I also have three children. It's so weird to be "in my 30's". I know the feeling!

  7. Happy Birthday !! Beautiful pics !!

  8. Happy Birthday! I can't believe I'm in my 30's either! Glad you at least had some high points to your Birthday ;)

  9. One day, not to far away, all you 30 somethings will look back and think you were young when you were 33. It goes by much too fast. I am now 47 and still think I am thirty something. Enjoy your 30s, they are a good decade, and hope you had a great birthday dinner! Happy Birthday.

  10. Bennett and Natie have the same sleeper!! aww! He looks so cute snoozing away.
    I love your comment, "keepin it real." That is so funny!
    Happy Birthday!
    You're soooo young. :)

  11. Happy (belated) birthday, Adrienne!! Love the way Bennett sleeps. I never saw a kiddos sleep that way until we had Ainlsey. Enjoy the snow. :)

  12. Happy Belated Birthday! I'll be 33 in May!


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