Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bennett's (Girl)Friends;)...

Over the holidays, while visiting Mike's family, we got the chance to meet up with some friends I met through blogging and facebook! We decided to meet at the Cheese Cake Factory for lunch-yummy!!

I met Christi (left) through facebook and she was also a wonderful Lil' Sis customer;). She has Arden, who in this picture is slightly annoyed about not be able to get down and move and this girl can crawl fast!! Arden is just one day older than Bennett. I met Jeannette through blogging, as well as facebook and she has Kylee who is wondering why Arden is not very happy-lol. Kylee is about a month younger than Bennett.

So, trying to get three, 1 year olds to sit still and look at the camera is nearly impossible but I tried to get some cute shots....

This may have been the closest I got to all 3 of them sort of looking at the camera!

Bennett's on his first date!:) It's a little joke that Christi and Jeanette have of "fighting over" Bennett for their girls-too funny!

"Well hello there Bennett."

Arden's making her move;) Sorry for the blurry picture!

All three were very loud and talkative but thankfully so was the Cheese Cake Factory!

Love this pic!! Christi's other daughter Andersen joined us and Ainsley and Harper became fast friends with her. Within 5 minutes of meeting each other, they were all best friends- so cute!

Big sister love!

Arden really wanted down here and Kylee is still wondering what's up!

Both girls were so, so sweet and absolutely ADORABLE!! Thanks so much Christi and Jeanette for meeting up with us!! I think Bennett loved your girls equally and just can't stop talking about them;)

We LOVE meeting up with our blogging/facebook friends-just wish everyone lived closer!!


  1. What a fun time, can't beat meeting other people you have such a fun thing in common with!

  2. I think it's so great that you get to meet all these cyber-friends! If you're ever in Indiana...

  3. Tyce would like to meet Bennett some day too! Im sure they would have a blast!!!

  4. How cool that you got to meet each other! They are all so precious...I don't envy Bennett when he has to make a decision on what girl he chooses! Happy New Year, Adrienne!

  5. so CUTE! Tell the girls Parker is available too, LOL. Come to TX soon for a visit! Blessings!

  6. So glad you got to meet up with some new friends! Great story!

  7. Looks like fun! Let us know if you're ever in Maryland...Auggie would love to meet up with Bennett (born the day after Bennett)!

  8. oh my goodness! look at all those gorgeous children! i love to read about Bennett! look at him being at the center of everything! hahaha. love all the pics!

  9. Love that you got to meet some other mommies and sweet babies!! I just wanted to say that my GG has her eye on Mr. Bennett too!! Watch out! ;)


  10. Looks like it was lots of fun!! :)

  11. So fun, isn't Christi a hoot? I got to meet them here once ... and Andersen just gets more beautiful by the day, gosh she is gorgeous!

  12. BTW, why am I NOT surprised Christi is a faithful customer ... haha, that girl loves herself some frou frou! So cute!


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