Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monogram Wreath...For Valentines!

So remember this post about an easy holiday monogram wreath you can make??

Well if you made one, I hope you kept it because it most definitely can be used for Valentine decor...

I had mine on the door by itself after Christmas and decided I wanted to add more to it.  Well then I got to "dilly dallying" as Mike calls it because I'm a major "dilly dallier".  After digging through bins I found an old wreath from last year that I decided to spruce up instead but really wanted to continue to use my monogram wreath throughout the winter!  I think it looks great in the dining room on this old window!

This is not the wreath I was just talking about but it's another old one that I found in the attic and it was a little beat up from surviving several Pennsylvania winters so I just turned it over to the other side, hung it a little crooked for fun and it works just fine!

This is the wreath I was talking about.  I made the main wreath last year, you can go here for how to make it.  But then as I continued to "dilly dally" I added a few things like the red, wired ribbon and the oh so fun white, feather balls and then well of course I had to add a tiny little letter "D"!!  Cannot have a wreath without the initial;)

I really don't decorate too much for Valentine's Day but the winter can be so long even if there's no snow so it's fun to liven up the house a bit.

A little "frou-frou"?  Perhaps but Valentine's Day is a "frou-frou" holiday so why not!

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  1. You are the decorating queen!!

  2. I just read your about us section and I am in tears! What a sweet baby you have! He is just perfect! Thank you for following and I am excited to follow your blog! Thanks again!


  3. Love your Valentine's deco-and what a beautiful family!! Thanks for sharing with us!!
    I am your newest follower :)
    Make it a great day!

  4. You are all decked out for valentines! I can tell your home is filled with LOVE. Happy to find your family. My favorite are the starfish with the berries...genius! Come visit my family at FamilyBringsJoy.com

  5. Very cute! Everything you do is so creative!


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