Friday, January 6, 2012

A cure for the winter {decorating} blues....

It's called post-Christmas-decor depression.  At least that's what I call it.  You take down all the holiday decor and your house feels bare.  The holidays are over and you're wondering what to do now.  Some of you don't even really decorate for the holidays anymore  or don't celebrate it so you're ahead of the rest of us-no post-Christmas-decor blues for you!  But for those of us that went crazy with our garland, wreaths, bows, and whatever else we found on pinterest;) here's my little "pick me up":

Nature!  Go outside and bring it in!  Snow {epson salt!} and pine cones-why not?  Also...pops of color-I'm loving light blue and red right now and probably always will.

White is always refreshing, wintry but still warm.

I saw this on pinterest {where else?!} and since we have a MILLION pine cones in our yard, I thought it would be an easy fix for my windows that once had glittering ornaments hanging but looked so bare after the holidays.  I just gathered the pine cones, got my jute string that I use for pretty much everything, hot glued the string to the cones and attached it all to the window with a clear thumb tack.  Simple, natural decor.

Here's more of my pops of color-red against blue.  The walls are a very light blue by the way, which is very hard to tell with the lighting of these pics-more on the color in a few.

I adore silhouettes and these were so inexpensive and capture my kids right down to Harper's little button nose-love it!

Of course I didn't forget my bub, Bennett;)

Here's the family room, de cluttered from all the holiday decor.  I'm keeping the wintery red/snowflake pillows because they make me happy and will probably change them out for a more nautical look come spring or maybe chevron because if you ask me you can never go wrong with chevron.  The white pillows stay because white goes with everything!

So I'd like to change out the dark wool rug for something much lighter but just can't seem to find what I'm looking for that's not too pricey and good for dogs and kids!  Any suggestions??  I'm looking for something less traditional (I'm thinking big stripes) and basically cheap but still stands up to stains-lol, help me out people!

The other side.  See how different the blue walls look from this angle?

More nature for you and an awesome little, silver set from my grandmother.

And the view from the kitchen.

This is probably my favorite house we've had so far {this is our fifth one btw} and not because it's the biggest {it isn't} or the newest {it isn't} or the one with the nicest appliances or the trendiest light fixtures {it isn't} but because it fits our family the best.  It's warm, it's homey, it's solid, and we're truly comfortable in this home.

Here's the color I used for most of the downstairs.  It's called "In Your Eyes" from Benjamin Moore and I'm soooo happy with it!  Using blue in the main living area was a big change for me but it's been a "dream" of mine so I'm glad I took the leap from my old color palette of green and gold.  So much lighter and brighter for me.  I swore I wouldn't paint another house because I hate painting but I just couldn't help myself!

Oh and I've been meaning to share a very small project of mine {another pinterest inspired one}-the numbered stairs!  No, I did not paint them!  I paid $12 for these cool vinyl stickers and while it took a while to get them centered and straight {still not sure if they are}, I think they're so fun.

I've got lots of decorating goals in this house this year but hoping not to spend much.  One last thing I want to share, a little goal of mine:  to add more pictures like these....

I just love old pictures but especially ones that actually have meaning.  My dad.

Enough said, period.

My heart could burst with pride.  Okay, I know, enough said.

My mom and me (in the stroller) in the Netherlands.  I think we look so much alike when I see her in this picture and I love her style.  My mom has always been quite the fashionista.

So I want to incorporate older family pictures in with the new ones.

I hope this has inspired you some to use what you have if possible, throw in some pops of color (take some risks!), bring in the nature, and mostly decorate your home with things that make you and your family happy!


  1. what a beautiful home! I do love that pale blue with red...gorgeous! The older pictures too are truly priceless!

  2. So pretty, you have a great eye Adrienne! I however love it when the Christmas decor is gone, the less stuff the better!

  3. I can totally relate to the post Christmas-decor depression. This post was just the inspiration I needed to spruce up my now-boring entryway table! LOVE the numbered stairs. I am also a pintrest junkie, so it was super cool to see those in the house of someone I "know." LOL. So happy to see you posting more often. I am about to post a video of Levi on my blog- it is uploading as I type!!

  4. Just found your blog, love your ideas! I'll be back! Love the pops of colors and using the pine cones on the old windows.....gonna gather pine cones in the morning and do the same thing very cute!!

  5. SO STINKIN' what you did with everything..especially the silhouettes, the pine cones, blue birdies and old pictures...pretty much loved it all.

  6. You are the QUEEN of amazing decorating, hands down! I don't know how you do it, and with 3 kids to boot!
    We still look like we moved in our house (6.5 yrs ago) and NO decor whatsoever (sad) and only 2 kids. What is your secret???

  7. This is unrelated to your entry but I stumbled upon your blog after discovering that our unborn son has DS. I appreciate your blog and what it has to offer! Thank you for sharing your story and your family. It gives me a new hope and excitement to meet our son in May :)

    -Those Newmans

  8. Your house is so pretty, and cozy, and your kidlets and your sentiments are so sweet. I saw Bennett last year when he, along with my Amos, were featured on Kelle Hampton's blog for raising awareness about DS. He is beautiful!

    I really loved this post. I love the red & blue together - I'm trying to get away from green and gold myself - feeling tired of those colors!

  9. I seriously LOVE your room and decor. I saw something similar on Pinterest and I wish I could pull it off. Well, maybe I can, but I'd have to buy pinecones... can't find any very close by here... Love the light blue and your pops of red. SEeing your pic of Madurodam reminded me that I've been there, too, on a singing tour in college. ;-)

  10. LOVE! You're my own little Pintrest :) but saving me oodles of time! I LOVE the silouettes!

  11. I stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest, and I love it. I love the room decor, the great low-cost ideas, and the way you tie everything together so well. But I especially love the family stories and pictures. I've even shared the web address with a friend of mine who has a special needs child. God's continued blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  12. I just stumbled across your blog and am going back and rereading everything. I am in love with the silhouettes. how did you do those?


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