Thursday, November 17, 2011

A little here, a little there...

A little Christmas everywhere!

So you know Thanksgiving is next week right?  Well, I've slowly started to pull my Christmas things out because:

  1. I put too much effort into decorating to not enjoy it for a while!
  2. We've got lots of family and visitors coming this year 
  3. I'm type A and a bit of a nut so I like to get things ready
It's not that I don't appreciate Thanksgiving and what it means though.  I just like to have most of my Christmas stuff up and ready to go right after Thanksgiving.  

So here's what I've been up to.  But before I start I must share this great post from "The Nester".  It's really helped me feel less scatterbrained about my decorations.  I used to just pull everything out of the attic and basically "vomit Christmas decor".  No rhyme or reason.  No real theme.  If it was a Santa, a holiday stuffed bear, a baby Jesus or red and green, it was set out.  

This year I have a theme or maybe a couple of themes.  I will not pull out every last decoration.  I will not scatter Santas and holiday bears here and there.  Baby Jesus will still come out {of course} but he will have a special place, not next to candy canes and big ornaments.  I will stick to my theme and I think I'll feel better about taking it all down when it's time instead of dreading it!;)

Okay, okay now I'll show you just a little of what I've done.  Let's call my theme(s) burlap & balls.  Well maybe that's not such a great name for it, lol.  Whatever...

Simple center piece for the kitchen table, staying with my color scheme for this year;)

Needed to dress up these old windows I have hanging on the wall.  These sparkle at night and look so pretty-love.

Old candle stick holders that's belonged to my grandmother on each side of the mantle. Kind of whimsical.  

Love these fun, oversized ball ornaments that my mom let me have!  But just a little goes a long way here.  You can't go crazy with these things!

And here's that tree right next to the dining, in the foyer. This belongs to my mom but she doesn't want to mess with it this year since she'll be with us for Christmas so I told her I would take it. It's tall and slim, perfect for our foyer! Thank you mom!!

Still lots to do. We've got the two trees this year and that's where "The Nester's" post has really come in handy. Highly recommend reading that if you're feeling scattered with your decorations!

It may be a few weeks for the full reveal on the inside;) Now I've got my little wreath on the front door but then there's the rest of the outside of the house....

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  1. Burlap and balls...LOL! Love your decor, can't wait to see the outside! We are still renting our home since moving about a year ago but I can't wait till we buy so I can do the whole thing up!
    Kelli @livinglifewithes

  2. your ideas! I love Christmas and decorating, but like you, I just put things out and call it decorated...with not rhyme or reason! I really love the old frames with the silver balls and the oversized ones with the metal truck. And it looks like I am going to have to invest in burlap. I've found so many cute DIY projects using it.

  3. Something so magical about Christmas and adorning the house with sparkle :) Looks gorgeous!

  4. Seriously, how do you have such wonderful things out with a 2 yr old??? :) Love it.

  5. Love it. I love the simplicity of burlap and balls ;-) The tall thin tree is perfect there, too. Lovely... can't wait to see the finished result.

  6. Beautiful decore!! LOve it!! Can't wait to see the finished results. :)

  7. Nice shots.This need to be exhibited. Good eye.

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