Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY Monogram Lamp...

So for those of you with Cricut machines or the new Silhouette Cameo...I'm jealous.  You just have a good old time cutting out all your stuff and looking like Martha Stewart while the rest of us drool over your crafts;)  It's on my Christmas list but until then... or never if Santa doesn't bring it, I'll do it my way....

Easy monogram lampshade!  Well not as easy if I had a cricut but still easy!   I got the idea of monogramming things using clear label paper from this pinterest.  Totally want to do the balloons for one of my kid's parties but I got to playing around and found that it looked pretty good on a lampshade too!

Without the light on.

I'm loving it!

So I put one upstairs in the bonus room too! {This room needs serious decorating help when it comes to adding color on the walls but it's gonna be a while.  In the meantime, a monogram always adds a nice touch!}

I just created my "D" in photoshop but microsoft word would work just fine too.  Then I added a buldge to it because I thought it looked better.  

Here's the paper I used.

And then since I had and still have lots of paper left (that will be for those balloons ;)) I tried it in Ainsley's room on her lamps...

Without the light on.

And with the light on!  Looks totally different with the light on as far as the color goes obviously but I like it both ways.  

I have lots to do in Ainsley's room as far as decorating goes but for now, I'm satisfied;)  

Now go monogram some lamps!


  1. You sure are one crafty Mama! Beautiful!

  2. That's a great idea! Your home is so pretty and warm and welcoming looking!


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