Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank Goodness for Valentine's Day....

Sick of seeing snow pics yet? Yeah, believe me, so am I!

But old man winter is here and it's a looong time until spring. Thankfully though we have fun "holidays" like Valentine's Day to look forward to, helps break up the winter a bit....

It's a time for fun crafts! And yummy sugar hearts ♥♥♥♥♥

Saw this wreath here and loved it. {LOVE this website btw!!} Only it took way longer than I thought and while the original poster talks about how her husband helps her with the cute little project...I tried that...Mike made one rosette {he can make a mean rosette I might add} and then no more. He wanted to just watch football, not watch football and make rosettes-lol. I can't blame him. So then I begged Ainsley to help me and she did;)

It's a time to add cute little things around the house and make more crafts! Ainsley had to make a valentine "mailbox" for her class. Remember making these in school? So cute!

It's a time to make red velvet cupcakes {with cream cheese icing!} But really, isn't any time a good time to make these? And yes, they make me happy!

This deserved it's own picture-seriously, my fave!

And I discovered this little treasure at Target:

Works like a charm and you have semi-professional looking cupcakes! If you could have heard the "oohs" and the "ahhs" from the girls when I whipped these puppies up.

Love it!
It's a time for fun little shirts, to be worn by a certain fun and
oh so lovable little boy♥♥♥;)

And of course it's a time to sew up some cute pants 'cause you know I've got the fabric and you know my kids are going to be wearing something of mine on Valentine's Day!

But most of all it's a time for L.O.V.E

Which hopefully we can have all year long.

Oh thank goodness for Valentine's Day!!


  1. Your wreath is so cute. And your kids are adorable. I looked at the website and it looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love Love and I love seeing it all around. :)

  3. In LOVE! with that wreath. Must have it. Thanks for the idea!
    I also love the picture of Bennett up top. Harper cracks me up. Her facial expressions are classic. :)

    I am in Ft. Worth, Texas and on day #3 of no school for my oldest. We have never had 3 days out of school. This is a first! We don't get tons of snow like the northeast. Our issue is ice, and not having enough equipment for the roads. I have some family in Philadelphia, and have never thought to ask about mail, deliveries, trash pick-up, etc. How does that work for you guys when there is bad weather? Is it just "on hold" until things clear up? I've never gone this long without mail, or without leaving my house! (72 hours)
    (Can you tell I'm bored?)

  4. Cute post =) I'll take dozen of those cupcakes. You can just ship them right over =)

  5. Love the "LOVE" details . . .cupcakes! Kisses from siblings! Cute Cute Cute faces :)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing you positive attitude, darling pictures, and adorable family!

  7. Adriene, I had to check out your blog. What is your connection w/ melanoma? Your little Bennett is so precious and amazing!!!! What a story. I love reading or hearing about other people's stories. Oh, and I answered your question about what therapy I'm doing on my blog. Smiles!

  8. i love your rosette wreath - sorry mike wouldn't help you with more of the rosettes... especially if he makes a "mean one" :) i can't believe how big bennett is getting, by the way!

  9. Great post... with lots of fun talent!

  10. I love that website and the wreath! But I figured it would take forever. :)


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