Friday, February 18, 2011

A little sunshine, a little warmth, a little determination...

67 glorious degrees today.

Doesn't happen often in the Northeast folks. Not in the winter. You kind of get used to the fact that playing outside is not really an option unless you're bundled up and building snowmen. That's just how it is. But not today.

Today we took full advantage of the warmth and played outside because we know tomorrow will be cold again and we'll probably get snow before the winter's over.

Today we enjoyed today!

Ainsley wanted me to take the training wheels off her bike because after all she is 6 and "many of her friends are already riding their bikes without them".

This was one determined little girl.
Oh there were tears, stomps, pouts, "I'm never gonna learn!" -screams, hugs, but this girl is just like her mommy. She did not want me to help and every time I said "why don't you take a break for a bit?" She replied with a solid "NO".

When she fell off she'd stomp and scream and then pull herself back together, get up and try again. She did manage to coast for about 3 seconds without falling. But those short lived coasts were what kept her going. Ainsley hates failing-which by no means did she fail today- but you know what I mean. Wonder where she gets that from??

Harper was excited that she was now coordinated enough to scoot along on the Dora scooter. "I'm a big girl now, Mama!" Yes you are sweet girl!

Bennett doing his "Hip, hip hooray" for the warm weather!

Good gracious, I love him.

Harper begged to take a picture of me with Bennett. Not bad for a 3 year old.

Yep, it was a good day.

Goodbye 67 degrees, we will miss you. Hope to see you again real soon.


  1. As alwasy, Bennett is incredibly cute.

    Your 3-year-old takes great pictures. At least they are great compared to mine. Of course, mine does, too. Probably most three-year-olds take better pictures than me. Ah well, moving on.

    I love the pictures of Ainsley working so hard. Go Ainsley!

  2. Tell Ainsley to keep trying. She will get it soon!
    And, when can we see you again...I want to snuggle that cute little boy of yours! =)

  3. you can see the determination in her face! i love it! and your 3 yr old took a GREAT picture!

  4. go Ainsley!!! Teaching bike riding is my least favorite job..our oldest was almost 7 before he learned, LOL. It gets easier with the younger kiddos. the scooter is the best way to teach, once they can manipulate that you are golden! Something to do with balance? Hugs to you all, we had mid 80's yeaterday! Guess winter is over around here!

  5. You go Ainsley!!!

    Love the car that Bennett is in, Sam has that exact car and he LOVES it!! Yeah for warm weather, I am so wanting some right now where we live.

  6. SO hard to learn to ride a bike, but she'll be cruising before she knows it! It's awesome that she refused to give up. Your kids are beautiful!


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