Thursday, February 10, 2011

It was one of those days...

It started off decent, got the girls off to school on time and then Bennett and I did some grocery shopping. He behaved, as he usually does. Got home and started putting away the groceries and I knew I only had a few minutes to put things away, make the girls a packed lunch, get Bennett's food and head to our destination.

I, being the crazy mom that I am, decided to get my hair cut (just cut) with all three kids. I normally would never do this. To make a very long story short I've been paying waaay too much money at various hair salons by various people and never being FULLY satisfied with either my cut or color. So on a whim I decided to go to this very small hair place (recommended by a friend)...lets just call it a Super Cuts, seriously people, basically it was a Super Cuts. {Don't be offended if you go to Super Cuts!} I'll get back to that in a minute.

So I'm on the phone while putting groceries away and can smell that Bennett has a poopy diaper. No big deal I think, I'll change it in a minute. Well, I went in to finally change it and it was everywhere!

All over my white area rug!!

If you're a parent you can picture the scene- it was one of those where the poop is on the kid, on the kid's clothes, on the surrounding toys, etc. and you don't even know where to begin or what to clean first. Of course my trusty wipe container that is in almost every room of my house...was out of wipes.

Bennett went straight to the tub, happy as can be, {can't say that for his mommy} and the dogs went straight for the poop! I knew they would but I seriously had no time to get the dogs in their cages because Bennett was covered in poop and I was beginning to get it all over me! Keep in mind I only had a few minutes before I had to get the girls.

So B gets cleaned up, I get cleaned up and then it was time to clean up the rug and those blasted dogs. Seriously, why would they lick up poop?


Finally everything was as good as it was going to get and
I was off to get Harper and then quickly make it back before I missed Ainsley's bus. Needless to say it was 20 degrees out but I had the air conditioning on full blast in the car.!!!

So the only good thing about this day was the fact that I got an awesome hair cut for $18. Yes, $18. I think I normally pay close to $50. Ridiculous!

Yep, I went short again.

What made it better? The kids behaved! They watched their movie and I got my hair cut for $18. Not sure if you can beat that.

All the poop is just a memory and it may have been one of those days but at least I got a sassy little cut out of the deal! And I've learned not to be such a high-end salon snob-ha!;)


  1. Love the cut girlfriend!!

  2. Awesome! (Not the poop but the cute haircut for $18) LOL

  3. Glad you got a good cut out of it. :)
    We had a messy, poopy diaper day too. I'll be glad for tomorrow, and hopefully no more of the mess!

  4. Your hair looks FABULOUS. Seriously fabulous. I wish I had the nerve to cut mine short.

    I went to the same salon for 14 years. It is a place called Shelton's here in Ft. Worth. I wouldn't let ANYONE else touch my hair for MANY years except for "MY" Frank at Shelton's.

    Last time I was there 8 years ago, they charged me $54 for JUST a haircut. That didn't even include a style. Naturally curly hair here - I NEED it styled, but wasn't going to pay $25 on top of the $54.

    A friend of my mom's is a hairdresser. She always did such great things with everyone's hair, that I went in one day and gave her a shot. (It was Supercuts...and it took me a year to tell anyone that I was going there. Shhh.)
    I now pay $12.95 for a haircut, and $18 more to have it styled. She even throws in a free deep conditioning every now and then. They have started waxing eyebrows there too now. Sweet success for me!

    She and I are now good friends, and she always tells me that she has cut more hair than any "professional" (she's a professional,too!) ever will at a hoity-doity salon. They are experienced enough to do a good job; and quickly. I have never been happier. ...especially now that we have three children. My two boys and husband need haircuts every 3 weeks, so every penny saved is a penny earned.

    Soory about the poop! Hope you were able to get it out. And YAY for well-behaved children. Two thumbs up!

  5. You are a brave woman! I am glad it worked out.

  6. Sorry about your day!! It sounds like it was the "shits"..hehe..Sorry I couldn't resist!!
    Your hair does looks fab, and for $18, you go girl!
    Totally love your new header!!
    What an adorable little guy Bennett is!!

  7. Love the cut!

    We had a similar poop story too except Luc leaned against a wall and smeared it all over. It was so gross. The joys of parenthood ;)

  8. i love the new cut! very cute and sassy!

  9. What a fabulous haircut!! love it!

  10. Too funny! Love the haircut. Btw, I don't like to pay much for mine, either, and just go to Hair Cuttery. There's one person there that I really like, so I make sure to go to her every time. Hopefully you got the person's name so you can go back!

  11. I just LOVE your blog... I basically told my friend who is a new mom with a DS baby to read it... We have 2 dogs and WHY on Earth do they always go after the poo? Especially when you are freaking out and running around everywhere? Take care!

  12. Love the haircut! As for the poop incident, doesn't it seem like things like this always happen when we have to fit quite a few tasks into a very limited time frame? Thank goodness the haircut was good, that seems to trump the poop!

  13. LOVE the cut! $18 and kids behaving - you can't beat that and you DEFINITELY deserved it after the "poop incident"!!!! hopefully you can keep the same stylist at that salon and that he/she does not move on to another salon anytime soon (or hopefully you can follow them and be a preferred client who gets a special rate :) so happy a friend told you about this salon!

  14. Your haircut is so cute!!
    But the poop - eeewww!!

  15. $18 dollars! That is such a steal! I'm a total salon snob...not sure why {habit? maybe the fact that I love reading trashy magazines while my head is covered in foil???} but maybe, just maybe, I should give super cuts a try...

    love that your day ended on such a positive note!



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