Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Called Using Whatcha Got!

...with a few new purchases and you've got a new room!

So I think I mentioned I did a mini-living room makeover a while back and I finally got around to taking some pics so I could share it! My goal lately has been to lighten things up. I think I long for the "Nantucket" feel but unless I'm going to purchase all new things, that's not really going to happen. So it's called using whatcha got with adding a couple new things! So here ya go....

This is BEFORE.
I've got lots of greens, reds, and golds going on. Trying to get away from these colors but it's a slow process.

and AFTER!

I took down the valences and polka dot panels (believe it our not the green striped valences were bedskirts on twin beds we had before we changed them for Harper's room). But that's not the last you've seen of them, or the polka dot panels-you'll have to read on!

In place of the old curtains I put up new white panels that I found at Target. They are 95" which are hard to find so I snatched them up. The chairs are not new. They were actually in our unfinished basement. {Using whatcha got!} The house we moved from in NC was much bigger, so a lot of our furniture had to be moved down to the basement. I've always liked them but didn't think we had room. Until I had Mike move the other ones down and then had room for these! Feels like new furniture!

I'm really liking the white panels-clean, simple, airy. Definitely lightens things up.

I purchased some inexpensive white pillows from Target as well. I'm really loving white! However if you remember last week, this can happen to white;0

I got these fun numbered pillows from this etsy shop. Who can guess what the numbers stand for??;) I couldn't just pick #1 and #2. Can you guess??
Corny, I know!

Now, this red couch. To be honest I've wanted a neutral colored couch for years and it just hasn't happened. We got this couch about 9 years ago and it's a really good couch but it's red and when you're trying to go "Nantucket" it's just hard. I did try to put a white slip cover on it but I could not get over the "messy" look of the slip cover. Many people can pull it off and it looks fantastic-that shabby chic look- but I'm kind of a "neat and tidy" type person and to see little wrinkles on my couch-it just bugged me. So I sent it back. Maybe one day I'll get that Pottery Barn couch I've wanted for so long!

Another view. So this room isn't big and I'm not loving that large, dark coffee table but right now it has big baskets under it that holds movies and toys so it's actually functional. I would love a round ottoman but then I guess I'd have to get rid of the small brown one that goes with one of those chairs. I don't know.

I think I added that "D" as well, a couple of months back. Hey, I'm from the South, and in the South you either monogram everything or label everything with the first letter of your last name or both! Don't ask how many things are monogrammed in our house.

Alright, onto what I did with those curtains that have now been recycled three times! {Using whatcha got!}

Have I ever shared Bennett's room with you?? I don't think I really have.
So here ya go....

And there they are! They just happen to be from the same coordinating Waverly fabric that my mom made the crib bedding from years ago! Oh, did I mention my mom made those panels that were once bedskirts? Well, she did.

Now B's room is nothing fantastic. I mean I like it but I didn't know how long we would be in this house, so I went conservative. We've never had high end baby furniture either, in fact this crib has been used by 5 children! All of mine and my sister's boys! The crib bedding has been used by all the grandsons too! It's kind of neat when you think of it. All five grands have slept in this crib, however it definitely shows it. But I must add that the bumper my mom made was recently thrown up on and I washed it and basically ruined it;(. Soo upset but I did find this very inexpensive brown minky one at Babies-R-Us.

All the other furniture has been used over the years, I just don't find it necessary to spend a ton on a crib or a changing table-that's just me. I've definitely considered painting all of it white or cream but that seems like a major job and I would worry about chipping paint in a baby's room so I haven't done it.
Oh and just to make it clear-Bennett does have another "T" on the end of his name-it got cut out;)

This brown chair was originally Ainsley's and it was green and white check! My dad recovered it to go in Harper's nursery (pink and brown) and now it goes perfectly in Bennett's! {Using whatcha got!} And thank goodness for my mom and dad and all their sewing, reupholstery and curtain valance making talents! And my sis too-she helped me with these panels!

And this, well I just thought I'd share my two favorite pics of Bennett-can I just tell you that the canvas one was from a site that fellow blogger Angi suggested a while back. I paid $6 dollars for it!! Not kidding! They were running a special at the time. Thanks Angi!

So there you have it, my mini makeover of rooms! And lots of it was just using what I had! It's not Nantucket but it's getting lighter!


  1. Looks good Adrienne! I love mini-makeovers, its usually what gets me through the winter months.

  2. you know i love me a good makeover!
    love the lighter look, adrienne.
    must say, you need the pb sofa. i am so happy.
    come over and sit on it if you want.
    (don't you wish you just could?? i do!)
    and by the way, bennett's room is so cute!

  3. looks great, but you've always had nice places!

  4. love the living room upgrade...makes it look much more inviting and relaxing.

  5. I love it all Adrienne! I want to so do the same!

  6. I"m like you - I have a houseful of dark burgundy and tan and really, really want to lighten up - guess it can be done one pillow and curtain panel at a time huh? Love the changes!

  7. Wow - looks great. My house needs a makeover big time. I am amazed at all the accessories - Bennett doesn't tornado them?

  8. Yippee, pictures!! Love what you have done!! I'm dying to get my hands on that table of yours, if you ever decide you want it white & distressed, give me a shout!!

  9. i love it! and i think the red couch gives it a nice PUNCH of color! very fun!

  10. Too funny. I have a post drafted of my fave things in my house. Great minds think alike!

  11. I am also a big believer in "using what you have". First, because I can't afford a room redo.... and second, I think I get a kick out of using my imagination to achieve the look I want for LESS. woot woot.

    PS. I was kinda giggling as I read your post because I started out "darker" and also long for that Nantucket look .... so little by little I lighten things up. It works. hehe {couple of pillows here, etc}

    And I know this means NOTHING [because it's your house]...but I think I kinda loved that brown chair in the corner.


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