Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I ♥ Fake Things...as long as they look real!

Am I the only one that loves these battery operated, flickering every so lightly, real looking candles??!! Not to mention that you can put them on a timer and they just come on at oh say...5 o'clock. Love that! Oh and they are lightly scented!!

I'm all about simplicity these days and these are perfect!

My mom gave us battery operated candles for our windows, that have a timer- talk about easy- I used to go to each and every window and flip the darn switch {I realize I may live in the dark ages but this is what I've done for the last several years during the holidays!} She gave us 4...so I need 5 more!!

And by the way, my youngest mobile munchkin has not even attempted to mess with my fake candles or the tree for that matter!...

{How big is Bennett??...Soooo Big!}
Have I mentioned he's pretty much the perfect little baby?;)

Oh and on a total side note, said munchkin has finally decided to crawl some on all fours!! {without the SPIO vest!}...

He still prefers his army crawl but every day he does it more and more! Yay!

Okay anyways, for a soft, romantic and festive look, run to your nearest Target and pick up some fake candles!

Now as far as real, smell good candles, these are my current faves for the holidays...

Just don't burn them at the same time-a little too much sweetness going on at the same time;) "Baked Apple Pie" is from Hobby Lobby and "Cookies for Santa" is from Target.

And since we have a fake tree...

This one fills the house with that real tree smell!

Sometimes fake=simple and I'm all about simple, as long as the fake/simple looks real!


  1. I was thinking of trying the flameless candles. How awesome they have timers on them!!! Looks very pretty

  2. Beautiful decorations and that cute little boy sitting in the floor adds to the preciousness(if that's a word) of it all.

  3. i was just thinking i need to go back to target and get some of those candles!! our target has the smith and hawken ones that look like they have berries in the wax... so neat!! everything looks beautiful and bennett is 'so big'!

  4. I JUST bought those wickless candles for myself...from my husband LOL...for my Christmas present:) I was wondering if they were as neat as they looked- glad I got a review on them now!
    Lily loves to do So Big too, how sweet!

  5. Wow! I love those fake candles, I think I might need some! Bennett is the most perfect baby ever!

  6. Your Bennett is ADORABLE!!! What a handsome little gent!!
    Your decorations look lovely!

    Enjoy the holidays!

  7. Bennett is just so adorable! And yay for crawling! He is seriously one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen! :)

  8. Great candles! I didn't realize they were fake and had to go back and look again!

  9. *sigh* This post makes me want to come visit. Soft candle light and comfy smells sound pretty great to me! YAY!!! For Bennett crawling more!

  10. Can you tell me the brand name of the candles? We are getting married and can't use real candles at the chapel soooo I'm on the hunt for real looking fake. Thanks!

    1. I believe I got all of the candles from Target but I've seen them at Lowes as well.


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