Thursday, November 4, 2010

My In-Home Business!

Many of you are aware of my sewing business where I specialize in custom, boutique children's clothing and I thought I'd join in with Kelly's Korner for "Show Us Your Life-In-Home Businesses! I make sweet and sassy clothing for girls (ages 0-10) and boys (ages 0-6). If you haven't seen what's available lately, take a look {lots of things for the holidays!}....

As you can see I love doing coordinating outfits for siblings but there is so much more on my site! Click here to view more and shop for the holidays!

Click here to go to my Lil' Sis blog:

And you can join us on facebook too! Go Here:

I would love to make something adorable for your little one! Contact me at


  1. You should link up your blog with the post on kelly's korner blog today. Her's is on the blog list on my blog. :) Might get you a lot of new business and traffic.

  2. Adorable. And loved the Bennett videos, especially the pouty dog bowl. He's doing amazing things!

  3. I am going to have to order jax and arina matching outfits! As soon as Ray finally gets paid again after being gone for 5 weeks!


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