Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why Have I Failed To Notice This??!

I've been so focused on what Bennett isn't doing in the gross motor department that I've failed to notice he's totally rocking the speech and cognitive department!!!

I know they say that some kids will plateau in one area while they succeed in another and I think Bennett is really doing this. Don't know why I've never mentioned this but Bennett can say several words! He says "mama" and it's purposeful-but only when he really wants me, "dada","ball", "knock-knock", no, all done {sounds like ahh duh:)} and his latest is "nose" and then points to it on our face! It's as if something has just clicked and he's picking up on things quickly. His imitation skills are really getting good too and he tries to make almost every sound I say and action I do.

What cracks me up is when he sees a picture of a car, tractor or truck he automatically makes the "vroom-vroom" sound which is more like a raspberry and a "broom-broom" but we haven't really worked on these pictures a lot-I think it's a boy thing-instinct! My girls never did this! He will say "woof-woof" (in his own way of course) when he sees a picture of a dog and he says "moo" for a cow. He's working on "buzz-buzz" for a bee.

Bennett can sign but doesn't really like to (meaning I've seen him do several as well as is therapists but not very consistently). However, just this last weekend he kept signing "all done" when I said it, with a big smile on his face. He's also waving "bye" and "hi", he's been doing this but now it's much more consistent. When he sees bubbles he starts to blow as if he's blowing the bubbles. He will also blow kisses by smacking his lips and he likes to give hugs-so sweet! Bennett understands "No", for sure-like when he's quickly crawling over to the dog's water dish I say "Bennett, NO" and he turns around, sits up, gives me the biggest pout he can and then gives me his annoyed grunt. Of course he will keep trying but stops every time and does the same thing. LOL.

It's just so nice to see him make real progress!! And really, speech is where I ultimately want him to excel and cognition of course, because he will pull up and walk- I know he will but most people with DS have a hard time communicating with others because of their speech.

I don't know, I just felt like I've been a little hard on Bennett and I had to "brag" a bit because he deserves it!

Here he is trying to say "nose" and giving me his smacked lip kiss {not the best example of him saying it and we have a few interruptions but you get the idea}....

Here he's signing "all done" (in the best way he knows how) but won't give me a kiss;(....

Way to go Bennett, we're so proud of you!!!

By the way, as I'm watching these videos and Bennett hears all the commands he's doing all of them- he's saying "nose", smacking his lips for "blow me kiss" and signing "all done"-too funny!

Okay here's one more of his response to me saying "Bennett, NO"....

Thanks for reading my brags. If you haven't figured it out yet, when Bennett does something, after months and months of not much, we're pretty darn proud of it!;)


  1. That's awesome! And you're spot-on about development in one area slowing while another excels. Just be prepared, as he begins to focus on walking, for his speech to plateau, as well. Samantha started out speaking pretty early, then stopped progressing (while still retaining what she already said) until just after she began to walk. It was during this time that we introduced just a few signs to get us through that period of a few months, and the signs bridged the gap perfectly. After she started walking, her speech took off again. So great to hear how well Bennett's doing!!

  2. Awesome job Bennett! Keep up the good work and keep bragging mom!
    We notice that Alayna either has speech bursts or motor bursts but not at the same time. Our ST & PT said all kids do the same thing we just don't notice it as much in our typical kids because they fly through stuff so fast.

  3. Yay for Bennett! It is so great to hear about and see his accomplishments!
    Owen is 18 months today and only signs for "milk". He is a little stubborn and would rather point and yell for food or things that he wants-even though I try to get him to sign "more"! Owen says "dada", "bye", "A" for his sister, and "ba" for ball. He will sigh if we sigh or yawn. He is getting so close to crawling though and we are so excited!
    Owen also makes the "broom broom" sound for his trucks-and he did that all on his own, just like Bennett! Boys will be boys!!
    I love checking in on Bennett because I know Owen is right behind him in age. Thanks for posting!
    Karen H.

  4. Hello, I love following your beautiful family. I have 7 kids and 3 of them have something extra special. They are 2,2 and 3!Adoption rocks : ) Enjoyed watching Bennett on video. I was wondering if your therapist had suggested therapy shorts for Bennett? They look like bicycle shorts? I have used them on my kiddos with great success. I know not everything works for each child but wanted to mention if you had not heard of them. They assist in keeping the hips in alignment and the legs under the child instead of splayed out. Hope this helps : )

  5. Don't you just love when our kids learn the word "No!" and then just use it against us? Ha! Got the outfits yesterday...love them!! Thanks again!

  6. Wow, Bennett, we're impressed over here. Keep up the hard work!

  7. I love reading other proud mama moments! Way to go Bennett!!!!

  8. Adrienne, these videos are so cute! I love the last one, he's like "quit watching mom, so I can get the dog bowl!" He is doing really great and you should be so proud. I am still waiting for Lucas to say his first word and I'm not the most patient person!

  9. Way to go Bennett!!! You've been one busy boy learning all of those new things! Keep up the good work!

  10. Great job Bennett!!! It is exciting to read about how well he's talking!

  11. How wonderful! I can't wait until Peyton is communicating like this. But that's what our therapists say, one area at a time. We're so used to thinking we see it all at once when really this is how all kids develop, focusing on one thing at a time and then moving onto the next one. I am unable to view the videos right now but can't wait. Way to go Bennett! Keep up the good work and keep on bragging Mom! :)

  12. That is so great! Totally Brag worthy!
    It is true that it is easy to overlook accomplishments in one area when we are focused on another. That little sneaky boy -- he has been working hard all along - just on a different page. Go Bennett!!

    Anna's speech is pretty much non-existent, so I am slightly jealous (in a good way) =) -- but as you have seen, she signs like crazy. She probably knows about 30-40 signs now. I am convinced her not talking is because Paige and Charlie won't shut up. Ha! =)

  13. Good for Bennett! Speech and cognition is certainly an area where we want our kids w/Ds to excel!

  14. Way to go Bennett! Fantastic videos. I laughed so hard at him going after the dog's water bowl. LOVE his little pout!

  15. Wow he's doing great!!! And I am absolutely in love with his adorable face!

  16. we expect you to brag...way to go B!


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