Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some Battles....

are just not worth fighting....

So I thought these were cute {Hobby Lobby}, we have a coat/shoe/hat/scarf/purse/book bag issue that I'd rather not get into {I really need a mud room!!!} so I thought these hooks would be cute and perfect for the kids- Ainsley=1, Harper=2 and Bennett of course is #3. Well not according to Harper!

"Hey, I'm 3!!" "I don't want to be on 2!"

LOL! Of course Ainsley being the rule follower and perfectionist that she is got upset that Harper was not "doing it the right way". I tried to explain why I did it that way (you know, the whole birth order thing) but she wasn't having it! This was the scene this morning before school.

Harper is now on #3, much to Ainsley's disappointment.

Ahh, life with kids...yes, some battles are just not worth fighting. And we're not even going to discuss the outfit issues with the girls! {I almost always win these though;0}



  1. Really cute, love the hooks. And, mommy.

  2. Harper may have a good point though, mom. Mix it up a little. Bennett in the middle makes sense since he is the only boy - DUH! ;)

  3. Ok, how do you win the outfit issues? Seriously! I spend way too much time and money on her clothes to argue about it every time! ahhhhh! Need some advice =)

  4. how do you win the outfit wars? next year Isa will be in kindergarten so it won't matter since she will be wearing a uniform but i have given up. there is something cute about the complete mismatching of her outfits, bows, etc. she thinks she looks cool. the only time i tell her no is when she is wearing a summer outfit in the winter time. i mean, come on!

  5. That sounds like something that would happen in my house, with my oldest being that rule follower! He is often overheard saying that this or that needs, NEEDS, to happen in a certain way...

  6. I have 4 kids.
    I have a mud room.
    Doesn't matter.
    It's like....putting laundry baskets in their bedrooms.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!

  7. Love the hooks... oh how I would LOVE a mudroom too! My dream!

  8. Hey Adrienne!! I just realized that I had comments to moderate and guess I forgot that I did that and wow! I had two from you! Glad you like the pics that were taken.....they are so sweet!

    B is adorable, as always. Can't believe how big he's getting!

    Listen, hope you guys are having a nice holiday season. We are. Going to an Easter Seals party tomorrow....JEB will have a blast!

    It's good talking with you.

  9. hahaha - too cute...
    so jealous that Bennett is not trying to tear down your tree :)


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