Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Sweet Baby....

Yes, this one right here,
is LOVED...obviously. He is worthy, he is important, he is treated just like our other children- (stay with me).
To us he is beautiful, perfect, a blessing, an absolute angel sent from above.

But if he were to be born in lets say Russia or Eastern Europe, he'd be in an orphanage. And in just about 2 years, if no one came to save him, he'd go to a mental institution to die- a horrible, horrible place they send tiny, little 4 year olds. Can you believe that? Why? Why would he go to an orphanage and then a mental institution?

Because he has Down syndrome.

Yes, all because he has Down syndrome. It's true. I was moved by Kelli's beautiful post to write a little about this myself. It absolutely breaks my heart that these babies, babies just like Bennett are literally thrown away at birth. Many are left day after day in a tiny crib, in the same clothes, dirty diapers, drugged up to keep them quiet. And then at 4 they are stripped away to an awful, scary mental institution where they will most definitely die.

Because they have Down syndrome.


If this doesn't pull at your heart strings, even just a little, I don't know what will.

Thankfully, there is an organization called Reece's Rainbow that is dedicated to helping these precious children find their forever families. Imagine helping a child, a child just like Bennett, get closer to a safe home with a loving family. Giving him or her a life of freedom, a life filled with love, giving them parents that care for them. There are so many families that are trying to save these children and bring them home where they can care for them. Are you one of them? Or do you feel the need to help them?

Last year I came across a sweet boy on the Reece's Rainbow site and cried for him because he was just like my Bennett but I also cried for the many other children. I felt the need to donate towards this particular boy's adoption. I checked back on him this year and I am beyond thrilled that his forever family is so very close to bringing him home! Click on that link to visit their blog. They recently posted some videos of their little boy (still in the orphanage but you must watch them!) and again I cried. He is beautiful, giggling, starting to walk all around his crib, absolutely adorable and yet he was still thrown away, with the possibility of never having a family. However, by the grace of God he will be going home to a loving family that wants him more than anything! They will now give him a life he deserves. That's love, pure love. So then I cried tears of joy for him!

Please consider a donation. Even if it's just a small amount, to this wonderful organization, Reece's Rainbow. You may just help to save a life that is so worth living!

Click on the bubble below to make a donation or to find a beautiful baby that needs a home!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I remember him! Aaron and I seriously talked about bringing him to our home a year ago, but knew we couldn't. YAY!!! He's so darling!

  2. Great post. We just hung our 2nd RR ornament on the tree this year. Piper asked about the photos. I told them they were kiddos like Max who needed families to adopt them. She carried one of the ornaments around for a few minutes and then came back to me (I was at the computer) and sweetly asked if we could have another brother. She wanted to give little Sasha a family. I was all choked up. Didn't know how to answer. Sasha is older, has many more medical issues than just Ds. Not something I could handle. I pray and donate and have to accept that is what I can do for now. But oh, Piper. What a heart. I told her when Max is a little older, we can talk about it!

  3. LOVE it. And, this year, I am a Christmas Warrior for another little Bennett waiting for his forever family. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. My husband and I are praying about adopting a Down's Syndrome waiting baby from RR. I remembered your journey with Bennett and came back to see how you guys were doing! I was happy to see this post! Pray with us! There is no mention of it on our blog yet, but click on over to see our journey!


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