Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Christmas Time In The City....

Call us crazy but we braved the holiday crowds and drove into New York City the week before Christmas! As much as I'd love to get back down South, it is pretty cool to live this close to NYC! So we took advantage of that and much to our surprise, it wasn't too crowded! Plus it was a nice way to celebrate Ainsley's birthday- once again!
So I've got lots of pics to share but I'll keep the words to a minimum. This first one was actually at the end of the day where Harper looks like she's going to fall over, she's asleep but we had to get a picture in front of the the Rockefeller Tree!

First stop was American Girl! Ainsley has been begging to go to New York to go to AG and Harper is totally into Bitty Baby but has never been there, so that's where we headed first! These girls were in heaven!

Time Square!

{Can you tell it was cold??!!}

We met up with our friends Scott and Alex and thankfully they knew their way around or else it would've been a long day;)

This is Scott and Alex- love this picture of them!

Macy's windows! {The ones at Saks were pretty cool too!}

We thought we'd go inside Macy's and just see if we could get a glimpse of Santa and while we were looking for him, we ran into someone just as important....

Mrs. Claus!!

She just walked right up and offered to pose with the girls-they were so excited since they had never really seen Mrs. Claus!

Alex and Scott jumped on the opportunity as well since you really don't get to take your picture with her too often;) LOL

BTW- a 2 hour wait for Santa- forget that! We saw our local Santa and that suited the girls just fine!

I haven't mentioned Bennett much but he was perfect the entire day! I had him so bundled up and after lunch he fell asleep right on his nap schedule;) Honking horns and the hustle and bustle didn't seem to bother him one bit.

We decided to visit the Empire State building because we've never been there....

Awesome view of the whole city!

Poor Alex is slightly afraid of heights but she was so brave and decided to join us-very proud of you Alex!!

Taking it all in.

So having 3 kids to tote around, I'd say we had a pretty successful day! With little ones you just can't be trotting all over the city so sticking to just a few attractions really well as a plan....and people that know their way around;)

Thanks Scott and Alex for joining us and for letting the girls pester you throughout the day;)

Christmas time in the city is beautiful!


  1. oh thanks for the pics!!! I can hear and smell all the wonderfulness of NYC through your photos!! I wish i was there.

  2. So fun! We usually go for Thanksgiving and the parade, but I have always wanted to go a little later for the tree lighting! We love NYC!

  3. Wow, how fun! I've never been but would love to someday. Love the pictures!

  4. How FUN!! We were hoping to get there this year with the boys but that didn't work out. Maybe next year=) Looks like you had a FABULOUS time!! And you are so right, traveling with 3 little ones....a gameplan.....a MUST!! Gotta LOVE NYC!!

  5. Beautiful pictures! We visited New York a few years ago. Such a magical city!

  6. Oh, I haven't been to NYC in years...
    What beautiful pics you took of your family there!

  7. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to take Ally to American Girl...we will be going in May :)Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!


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