Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Three's A Crowd...

When it comes to cribs! This is what I found when I came to check on Bennett after his nap...
The girls climbed in with Bennett since "he was awake!" I think he went back and forth on deciding if he liked this idea. The girls, of course had a blast!
He seems to be enjoying it here though;)

Even when I pulled them out, Harper was trying to climb back in.

Speaking of cribs, I don't think I've ever encouraged my kids to pull up in their crib but I've been working with Bennett and I think he's very close! He totally wants to and really tries to but he's just not there yet. I'm just glad he's finally standing in his crib-with a little bit of my help.
"You gonna get me outta here mom?"

Poor Bennett, he can't help it that his sisters are wild and crazy;)


  1. Love it, Alayna LOVES when Aidan crawls into her crib with her!

  2. Abby Visits Audrey Kate's crib every morning. At least it keeps them entertained while I SLOWLY roll out of bed. =) BTW, I get SO many complements on the outfits you made. The girls have worn them out this summer! I'll have to get you to make something else soon!

  3. So sweet. They all hit their own milestones in their own time, don't they? I was at a Ds group the other day and a boy two weeks younger than Peyton could drink out of a straw and do some signs, but just started a crawl and wasn't pulling himself up yet. Peyton is saying, forget the fine motor, but is motoring around crawling no problem and has been pulling himself up to a stand in his crib for about a month now. No matter what you focus on it seems they just are going to do it when they are good and ready. Peyton's sister, Kylie, loves to do this, too, by the way. She'll hear Peyton and announce, "PEYTON'S AWAKE!" (and well, if he wasn't yet, he is now), and then climb into his crib. She'll be three Oct. 25, so they're close in age. :)

  4. Bennett is so blessed to have such fun sisters! It really looks like they are having a blast being in his crib with him! Cute pictures.

  5. Fun fun! Piper thought it was fun to sleep in the pack-n-play last week, 3 nights in a row!

  6. Totally looks like my household!!

  7. OH
    Those are the most ADORABLE pictures you have EVER posted, girl.
    (And you publish some pretty great pics!)
    The one of the girls leaning out of the crib laughing is one that should be blown up huge and framed to hang in your living room!!!
    I LOVE IT!!
    Such gorgeous children, WOW


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