Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Little Baby Boy...

is starting to look like a big boy!
It makes me kind of sad because the other night I told Mike I just want him to stay this size forever!

He's so cuddly and small and when he sucks his little thumb, lays on my chest and plays with my shirt or hair so gently, it just melts my heart.
Have I mentioned I love this kid??:)

Oh and no, we don't cheer for the Vols but we sure look like we do in these pics!

Well, I have a few random updates:

Feeding- No change (it's only been a day-LOL) but I will be trying all the tips I received and I did put a call in for a feeding eval. Just couldn't sit back anymore and I'm hoping this person is good. I really don't want to waste time with someone that isn't up on good techniques but we'll see. Really wish we had a Talk Tools therapist near by! Thanks sooo much for all your tips!!!

Hearing- I took Bennett back to the ENT today to check his ears after his double ear infection and he passed the hearing test in both ears and no fluid!! So we'll go back at the end of August just to see if there is anymore fluid build up but the doctor said it's a good sign that his eustachian tube is able to clear the fluid out so we may hold off on the tubes. He's also making lots of new sounds so that's good!

Misc.-I'm in the middle of a mini makeover of my kitchen so I'm excited to share pics of that! Yesterday as I started the project I got this major headache and then started throwing up for the rest of the day. The headache didn't go away until midnight last night! But I'm fine today- I've never had a headache so bad that it made me throw up but I know my sister and her son has had this. Anyone else experienced this? It's awful!! So needless to say my project was put to the side but I'm hoping to finish it up in the next weeks or so- stay tuned!!

Lil' Sis Designs- I am making new items almost everyday for my fall/winter line so if you're not familiar with the children's clothes I make, visit my facebook page or other blog- both are on my side bar!

That's it for now but Friday is a special day for our little man- his heart surgery was a year ago on the 6th-can't believe it, time has flown...


  1. Oh my, Bennett does look like such a big boy. He's adorable!

  2. Happy (early) Heart Day, Bennett!!!

  3. he really is starting to look like such a big boy and not a baby - you are right! i know what you mean about being sad --- he is absolutely adorable as a "getting to be a big boy" but you just want to be able to freeze time or make it slow down a little bit and it only seems to go faster.

    i hope you do not get any more headaches like that!!!
    can't wait to see pics/hear about your kitchen!

  4. Adrienne, you are right, Bennett is starting to look like a BIG HANDSOME BOY!! I just love him:) Good luck with the feeding specialist. We are waiting for a call back for an appointment for Landon too. (No TalkTools specialists in our area either, UGH!)

    And YES, I do know that lousy feeling from those headaches that make you throw up, that's exactly how I missed out on the playdate with Em & Anna last Friday!! Mine stayed around for a few days, but I am happy to say that it is finally gone!! Just in time to meet Colin on Sunday:)

  5. He is such a cutie!! It does go so fast. I thought that especially with my son. Why must that happen? : )

  6. He is growing up so fast and so cute. I love looking at his pics. I think he is doing great.
    I remember his heart surgery can't believe it's been a yr.

    Take care

  7. What a cutie...his smile just makes my heart melt. I must say he looks great in orange, too :) My daughter, Megan, also had AV canal surgery on 8/6, but tomorrow will mark her 2 year anniversary of "rebirth" as we like to call it. Our kids never cease to amaze, do they?
    I can't wait to see what you've been working on for your clothing line. I'm on the hunt for 3 coordinating outfits for my girls for a family photo, so maybe you can help me? I don't know how you find the time to do what you do, but however you do it, you're doing a wonderful job!!

  8. I get bad migraines where I feel the same..I'm on medicine for them-hopefully you're not starting to get them. Have you gotten Bennett's eye's cked by chance? Just asking because I got Tyson's cked at about 15months(he wasn't experiencing any problems or anything- I just read that DS kids usually have vision problems) and he ended up being far sighted and needing glasses...just an FYI if you haven't had them cked!

  9. He looks so cute in his little ball cap, and he really does have the most beautiful brown eyes!

  10. doesn't time fly...he is getting to be such a big boy (I know you dont really want to hear that)

  11. He is loosing that baby look, but he is still just so sweet and cute! His smile just makes my day!!!


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