Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Mini Kitchen Makeover!

So Mike and I move just about every 2 years and we're coming up on our 2 years in this current house but it doesn't look like we'll be moving any time soon. Which is fine. Most people would hate to move every two years but I love starting over in a new house! I love decorating and finding a place for every little thing and unfortunately this moving thing has caused a little boredom issue with me. Therefore I decided to do a "mini makeover" of the kitchen. I've been using the same paint colors in all our houses and I swear this is it for this color palette! I need to lighten things up and get away from my old standby colors of red, green {although I still love green} and gold. So this is my attempt to do that!
Here's the before. Hard to take pictures of this kitchen because it's not huge and there isn't a ton of wall space {why I thought I could easily tackle this project-not so much}.
It's a nice kitchen, just needed some brightening up with all the dark wood, table and rug.
And here's the after!
Beadboard wallpaper my friends. I didn't want to wait for Mike to install the real stuff because he's super busy and quite frankly, I'm impatient. So I tackled this myself, having never done it before and not sure if I'll do it again! Ha! Actually it wasn't that bad, I just wasn't thinking that with smaller wall space came a lot more precise cutting.

Another fun thing I've been wanting to add was a chalkboard so I just painted over some glass (from an old picture I didn't like anymore) with chalk board pant, painted the old dark frame white and hung it securely to the wall and then for looks with the green and white damask tie.

Here's a closer look at the beadboard wallpaper. I think it looks pretty close to the real thing.

It's just so much brighter now and cleaner looking.

So I had to get rid of my old colors- red, green, gold-okay, obviously I'm not ready to give up green but I decided to make green, black and white my new colors in here. I changed these seat cushions that I had recovered a couple of years ago to this:

Avocado Green Damask-LOVE. In my next post I'll tell you what inspired me for this particular fabric.
I took down the old, red, green and gold valance and made this very simple one in my new favorite fabric.

And to tie it all together I added the fabric to these basic white kitchen towels-so easy to do!

I also took down the dark curtains we had up over the sliding glass door and put up white ones-this was a couple of months ago and amazingly, they aren't filthy from little dirty fingers or a flying spoon from Bennett-seriously, he chucks them onto the floor and I'm pretty sure he thinks it's funny.

In my next post I'll show you my favorite part of my "mini makeover", I'll give you a hint:

it involves eating and chalk.

Can't wait to show you! {plus I'm too lazy to load more pictures right now}.


  1. Looks really nice! You are very talented! I think the bead board looks very real, love it.

  2. I can't believe how much that wallpaper looks like the real thing. Great job!

  3. looks great :) our developmental therapist was just talking about beadboard wallpaper on monday - she is planning to put it on a headboard in her son's room and paint it black, i think. it really looks in the pictures like the real thing! love the damask fabric, too!!!

  4. Love it all but my real question is..how in the world do you find time to do it?

  5. good for you! it looks so bright and cheery and that fabric is so sassy! it's a shame we don't live closer--i could see us doing projects together all the time! oh, it would be trouble... :)

  6. Wow - looks fantastic! Where do you find the time for all your sewing and home projects? I love it and wish I knew your secret :)

  7. It looks soooo good! I have green in all of my rooms too. I love it! :) I absolutely love the fabric you used on the chairs, hand towels and curtains. Soooo cute! Love the idea of adding it to the hand towels. That adds so much. I wish you lived closer so you could teach me how to make all of that stuff (and it would be awesome to know you in real life. :)!

  8. You did a great job, it looks fantastic!

  9. Oh I so admire you! I wish I had the creativity to tackle something like that! Its beautiful!

  10. I need that Damask fabric!!! LOVE it! And the beadboard wallpaper is genious! I sure hope I have a new house in a few months to do some of this magic too :)

  11. LOVE IT!!! That green damask is TO DIE FOR!!

  12. I love it !!! Awesome Job !!



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