Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dancing, Swimming and Swinging!

This past weekend Ainsley had her very first dance recital and much to my surprise, she did great!! Ainsley can sometimes crumble under the pressure but she's really getting better with this and has really matured over the last year. The girls had to be in 4 shows total so it was a very busy weekend for them with all the costume changing, make-up touch-ups, hair do's, bobby pins flying everywhere- I think they were exhausted at the end!

Here she is holding her flowers that she received after her first show, she couldn't understand why she got so many flowers and why was everyone else getting them too??- So cute!

Here she is with her girlfriends in full costume waiting to go on. Are they adorable or what??!!

Showing me some of her poses.

I was a little worried because I have not seen one single dance move from the girl all year. I asked her "Do you know your routine Ainsley??" She said she did so I just hoped she would prove it to us on stage and sure enough she did! Don't know if Ainsley will be a dancer but she's having fun now so that's all that matters;)

More poses.

Since we were running back and forth to the recitals, we didn't get to go to the pool all weekend so on Memorial Day we made our first visit of the summer! The weather was perfect, hot and sunny! Last year was a little bit more hectic (maybe you remember this post) but since I'm a pro now with three kids (ha-ha);0 we were able to make it out the door and I still had my sanity-sorta.

Wasn't sure how Bennett would do since I couldn't just let him sleep in his car seat the whole time- of course he was perfect! He just sat on the blanket and played with his toys, the people there couldn't believe how good he was and asked if he was always that good-"yes, actually, he pretty much is"- I would reply:) I dipped his legs in a few times but it's still pretty cold so he didn't get to play in the water this time.

The girls had a blast and I totally predicted to my friends around us that the drama would begin as soon as I rounded them up. Sure enough, both were in tears and crying-"I don't wanna go home!" But a certain little 3 year old took a great nap once we got home!

After naps we enjoyed the back yard with our new fence! It's nothing fancy but it gives me peace of mind (although Harper has already figured out how to open the gate) to know for the most part, they are contained as well as the dogs!

I got some cute shots of these two: Ainsley and Bennett. There is something about their relationship that is just so special. He lights up when he sees her and she can't get enough of him. She's always wanting to check on him in the morning, feed him, runs to him as soon as he starts to cry, it's really just so sweet.

Here he is just watching his crazy sisters run all around-can't wait to see him join them one day!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend and we're looking forward to another great summer!!


  1. My oldest daughter, Allison, is 5 1/2 years older than my youngest, Rachel who has Ds, and their relationship is the same. Allison absolutely adores Rachel and Rachel feels the same about her. You can just see that Rachel looks to Allison as the second mommy. As for my middle one, Leah, Rachel will not listen to a thing she says. LOL They are just 22 months apart.

  2. The dancer poses are too cute. Love that Ainsley and Bennett have that something special bond. Sibling love is so great!

  3. Oh Adrienne, these are the greatest pictures!! Ainsley looks so pretty and grown up with the hair and makeup done! As always, Bennett just steals my heart!! :)

  4. I love that last picture of Bennett, it's beautiful! Ainsley looks beautiful in all her costumes, it looks like she's having a blast.

  5. he is really starting to look like a big boy now...he is losing his baby face! :(

  6. looks like a fantastic weekend. Ainsley looks beautiful in her costumes. I'm glad she did so well especially since you haven't seen her practice. I bet you were worried for her. Look the pics of Bennett hanging out at the pool. very sweet.

  7. Beautiful pics and Bennett looks so laid back and everyone is super cute !!!


  8. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the pictures of Bennett in the swing--he looks like he loves it!


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