Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Disney Trip!!

I'll try to make this short and let the pictures tell the story- there are lots! We had a blast at Disney World, it was extremely hot but so much fun!! We did lots of things we've never done before like....
ride on air planes!

{I must add that Harper was THAT child that you don't want your child to be when we first stepped onto the plane "Get me outta here, I want to go home!!!" Very loudly, mind you and quite frankly it was embarrassing and I know the people on there were praying we didn't sit next to them. But the poor thing had never been on a plane and didn't know what to expect. She calmed down fairly quickly but wow, it was bad. Anyways, on to the rest of the pics...
We met beautiful princesses...
And Princes {seriously, how old is this kid??}

And of course Minnie and Mickey

You see Harper was fine with the princesses and Minnie and Mickey,

it was people like this that she did not want any part of-her arch nemesis~Maleficent. Harper does not like Maleficent or Ursula the Octopus in The Little Mermaid and we found out she wasn't a big fan of some others but you'll see for yourself in just a few.

While we were there, Ainsley lost her first tooth! Tinker Bell came to visit her that night:)

We played in the awesome resort pool.
And then it came time for some character breakfasts in which you could find Harper in my arms once a character came close. {Oh and in case you haven't noticed, Harper is going through that bad smile stage, Ainsley was the same way at this age-you tell her to smile and it almost looks evil! -LOL}

We then played "Where's Waldo?" but it was "Where's Harper?"...

I really wanted her to at least be in some of the pictures but she tried her hardest to get as far away as possible...
These pictures just crack me up! Ainsley is all smiles and Harper is flat out mad.
The girls stayed up way past their bed time every night and we did fun things that we never do at home like eat pizza by the pool at 9:30pm {gasp}, sleep in until 10 am {never happens-heavenly}, eat ice cream while watching fire works and of course there was no time for naps so needless to say they were exhausted at night.

We got caught in a few thunderstorms and had fun running through the pouring rain.

We went on a cool safari ride in the pouring rain but we were so hot, we didn't mind at all.

We rode in the giant teacups

and of course on Dumbo!

There were so many other fun rides and shows we saw. It really is a magical place and to see it through the girls eyes was so special. I'm so thankful we were able to give them this opportunity.

While we were in Florida, sweet Bennett stayed nice and cool with his Grammy and Granddaddy! I called every day {of course} and every time he was just perfect. We went to the doctor the day before we left and the ped. said he had an ear infection (along with Harper, great huh?) so naturally I was worried to leave him but he did just fine.

A huge thanks to my mom and dad for offering to watch him because it would have been really hard to take him once I saw what the moms with their little babies were going through in all that heat. So thank you again mom and dad for taking such good care of him!!!

I've got some tips to share-not that I'm a Disney pro by any means but these are some things we learned and some things I think we did right. So stay tuned!


  1. what a great trip, super picture of Tigger and you three girls,lol
    I know what you mean about doing things you never would have, how fun staying up late and sleeping in...eating junk food,etc, the best memories.
    I felt so bad leaving W when we went but was so glad we did once we got there and saw poor moms pulling on their little ones ;)

  2. Wow, so much fun! I'm with Harper though, I can't stand those people in costumes, I dodge them every time!

  3. looks like so much fun - that picture of harper in your arms trying to get as far away as possible (i'm not even sure how you held on to her with the way she is going the opposite direction) is a CLASSIC! can't wait to read your tips for a disney trip --- hopefully someday soon we can take the girls :)

  4. I was so excited when I saw you posted today on your Disney trip. Having just going there myself, I enjoyed looking at your photos. Yes, it was really hot in Orlando. Where did you stay? It's best to go at the end of January through early May. It's less crowded and the weather is beautiful with no rain storms.

  5. It looks like everyone had a great time! Love the pictures!

  6. WOW! Looks like you all had a great time!! Love the pics of the girls (and their matching outfits...EVERY DAY.....someone was quite busy before this trip):) The 2 times we took our oldest boys were in the month of August.....HOT!! But it's not so bad when almost every 10 feet there is an attraction that is air-conditioned!! You just have to mentally prepare yourself for the heat and have a plan!! I was one of those daring parents (Elijah was only 1 when we went the first time). He was actually easier than Mason (3 1/2 at the time)!! We are planning to go back next year (Landon will be 2)!! Yes, we are daring like that:) LOL

    I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time and that Bennett got to enjoy his time with his grandparents!! Looking forward to hearing your tips now that you're a pro!!!

  7. I am soooo jealous! I can't wait to be able to take the kids to disney one of these days. And Harper is so funny. I was literally giggling at some of those pics.

  8. I'm so happy for your terrific trip!! Harper reminds me of Kimberly...the first time I took her to see Santa, she screamed at the top of her lungs...they heard her across the mall!

  9. Looks like so much fun!! Those pictures of Harper crack me up!! Looking forward to hearing your Disney tips.

  10. such great pics!!! Hot? Welcome to my world..Orlando is just like home for us, so we have lots of stamina that the unsuspecting folks at WDW don't :) Helps with the lines, LOL Glad you are back and I know B is glad to have you home! Hugs!

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  12. Those pictures of Harper made me laugh out loud. How funny is she going to think those are when she is grown?! Hilarious. Glad Disney was so fun!

  13. Looks like a fabulous trip! I love the pics of Harper hiding from the characters -- very funny and like previous poster Ellen said -- these will be so funny to show when she is older. I am thinking her fiance might get a good kick out them =)

  14. Looks like a fantastic trip. The pictures of Harper with the characters are hilarious!


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