Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bennett's 1 Year Checkup...

So here are the stats:

19.4 pounds -75% on the DS charts, 10% on the typical
27.5 length- 25% on the DS charts, 5% on the typical :(-he's a tiny little guy.

Ears looked good as far as fluid, we'll get them checked soon (recommended every 6 months I think for kids with DS)

Heart sounded great- the ped. could not hear any residual leaking sound or murmur so that's wonderful!

She wrote me a script for private PT and I'll be asking for a different PT all together at his 1 year evaluation with Early Intervention. I'm just looking for someone with a lot of experience with kids with Down syndrome and I think we need to really step in up in the PT department.

Bennett will also be getting Speech/Developmental Therapy once a week instead of twice a month. So it will be OT once a week, PT once or maybe twice a week and then ST once a week-whew, that's a lot but at this point I think it's necessary.

Bennett also has some issues with his testicles :(- poor little guy, I think it may require surgery, basically they are up too high and they need to come down and since they haven't come down on their own, that's what he needs the surgery for. We'll go for a consult and see what the surgeon says. I asked the ped if this was a minor or major surgery, (compared to open heart surgery) and she said extremely minor compared to that so I think we can handle it;)

So at a year Bennett can:
-play "so big"
-turns when he hears his name
-can sign "eat" and I think "all done"
-waves "hi" sometimes
-rolls everywhere
-bear some weight on his legs
-can sit up for an extended period of time
-get to his tummy from a sitting position to get to a toy
-working on getting up to sitting from his tummy-he needs assistance but I think he'll get this soon
-pivot all around
-pull knees up under and pushes up to crawling position with a little assistance and then rocks
-will eat a graham cracker and sip from a straw cup {some}- working on his self feeding and he's slowly getting better-he's on all stage 3's and tolerates large lumps like shredded cheese, carrots, diced apples but will not pick them up on his tray;(

So it is what it is. Being a super control freak and a tad obsessive compulsive about things, Bennett is the one area of my life I really don't obsess about. I mean I want the best for him and will do whatever I can to get him the best services but as far as his development, I don't obsess over what he's not doing compared to other typical children. He has Down syndrome for goodness sake! Sure, if I read about another little baby his age with Down syndrome doing something I may get a little anxious and wonder why Bennett isn't doing that-let's admit it now, you know you do that if you're in my shoes. But I'm not nervous about his yearly evaluation because stressing over it isn't going to make him magically do something. He'll do it when he's good and ready and I'll be there to help him but I've decided to not let it overtake my every thought.

It's only going to get harder from here but I think if we take it day by day and not let the future creep into our thoughts so much, we'll be fine. And who knows, maybe the future won't be like I've envisioned, this first year has been nothing like I thought it would be so I have a feeling Bennett will surprise us:) Just taking it day by day.


  1. WOW! He's doing great!! JEB was such a peanut when he was little. He pretty much followed the clothes 9 mo, he was wearing 6-9 mon. clothes.....he's a little guy even now! Weighs about 75 lbs., is about 4 ft. tall....quite a bit smaller than an average 10 yr. old. Can't believe he'll be 10 in 2 wks.

    Man, your therapy schedule is mild compared to what ours was. He went to OT - 2x per week, PT - 2x per week, and ST - 2x per week.,. for 45 min. each session! Good thing they were all at the same place!!

    Glad he's doing well!! And he's so doggone cute!!!

  2. Bennett is doing so great!! and getting so big! he is a RoCKSTaR!! I do admit I freak a little if Maddie is not keeping up with the kiddos I follow on blogs..and it is funny the more I push her the more she rebels! I love your point about the I have decided to keep that thought out of my is what has kept me sane this month!! smiles

  3. He is doing so well :) What a star! It actually does get easier rather than harder from here on in. Luke is small too, and so it makes any delays harder to notice, but he is holding his own really well, and I have noticed that since he is walking there is not any real difference between him and others around his age. There are some things he is not so good at, but there are also things he is better at- like being quite independent and confident to have a go (like going down the slide) on his own, without needing me to hold his hand. I do compare with other kids I follow (smack my hand now) but you only see the mum's favourite bits, like last week when one wee guy who was walking at 10 months (!!!) and I was a wee bit jealous of, is not eating any solids at all (no feeding tube issues either). So it's all swings and round-abouts. Sorry about the rant! Bennett is such a star, and I hope the op is just a blip on the screen.

  4. he's doing fabulous! Once you get all those therapies in place is gets a lot easier and you'll see progress. Little bits here and there, but progress is progress. :-)

  5. Bennett is doing great! You have a great attitude about his development and I know he will keep surprising you with all that he can do!

  6. Bennett really is doing great. I think it's good that you are looking for a PT that has experience with kids with Ds. We went private and I couldn't be happier.

    I worry and compare too, it's totally normal!

  7. Oh, he is doing so great! I love this post...I feel the same exact way when it comes to how Emily is "doing"...the one area I try to not obsess over as well.

  8. Wow, Bennett is doing so many wonderful things! We need to get those boys together again so that Bennett can teach Colin how to get up on his hands and knees!

  9. Looks like Bennett is well on his way to a great life.
    Mom, you sound like you are right on track as well by not stressing.
    Bennett is beautiful1

  10. Yeah Bennett! You are doing so great!!! I will say the BEST thing I did was switch OT, ST, and PT to providers that have mostly DS experience. I was blessed to find them (finally) and they have over 20 years of experience with our population. I wish I had listened to my gut 6 months ago when I was feeling I needed a change...look HARD and don't give up, ask how many kids they have worked with and the ages, it makes an incredible difference!! I am right there with you trying not to compare, but we are to live for the day and not worry about tomorrow. The boys milestones are THEIR milestones...Hugs to you all! Happy Memorial Day!

  11. Bennett can do so much!! Glad he's doing well, and always love that face!!

  12. Bennett is doing so great! What a big boy, I am glad to hear the surgery will be a minor one, what a blessing!

  13. Yeah Bennett! Your milestones are impressive, and I know that your mommy and daddy are very proud of you!! Adrienne, we have OT 2x/wk, PT 1x/wk, ST 1x/wk and a special ed teacher 1x every other week so I know it's a bit overwhelming-but so worth it! Good luck getting everything in place!
    PS. That sweet Bennett face made my day already!


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