Saturday, May 8, 2010

An Easy Fix For A Boring Bed...

A dog bed that is:) So this is what the bed looked like before....
Aww, how cute, dog paws and bones, yes, well I felt it was time for something a tad bit more stylish besides we've had this for years and it needed a little makeover. As most of you know, I've been sewing like crazy and I'm at the local fabric store quite often now. In the very back is the home decor fabrics which I don't really use but they have the really cute prints and I needed something heavier for the bed so this is what I decided on...

I love animal print and since the bed is in the play room I wanted something that would kind of go but also be fun. This print was perfect! So next was to try to make it. Hmm, I had no idea how to make it and had no pattern. I can make clothes but slip covers is something new for me. So what I normally do when I want instant gratification is I "wing it". I do this with most projects. No measuring, no planning, just wing it and hope it works. Sometimes it does and a lot of times it doesn't. It's very strange because I'm a total perfectionist at most things but "winging it" is a common practice of mine when it comes to decorating.

Now please know I DO NOT "wing it" when it comes to making the clothes I make for Lil' Sis Designs! Just don't want you to think the little outfit you may have purchased was made by me "winging it" with no time involved-LOL. I do measure, have patterns, etc:)

Anyways, on to the finished project...
I'm satisfied with how it turned out and even better, the dogs love it too! Can I just say that Blitzen rarely slept on this bed but now, it's like he knows he looks good on it and that it's stylish!;) It's so funny because he rarely lays on the couch now, he's always on his new bed!

Little Miss Sophie likes it too! Most often I can find both of them snuggling up together on their new bed.
Here's how it looks in the playroom. This room is the first one you see when you walk in (hate that but that's how it is) so I try to make it look somewhat presentable with the decor even if everything doesn't match perfectly and toys are taking over. I've been looking for a less formal rug but haven't found one yet. And yes the bed is loud but at least it's not boring!

All you need is a sewing machine, some fun fabric and just "wing it"!


  1. Too cute!
    A dear friend of mine is 30 and pregnant with her second baby. Her little girl is 15 months and Friday the ultrasound showed a little boy, but with markers for Ds. She is so upset, but won't really know more until blood work comes back Mon. Please be praying for her. She was a child specific aide for a little boy with Ds, before she starting teaching kindergarten with me, so she knows what to expect and how much she'll still love him.... but you know. She'll also be the perfect mom to this baby if he is or isn't. I told her about your blog and Bennett and hope she reads your story. In the meantime, please lift her up. Thanks.

  2. First off, what? the same dog bed for YEARS? Lucky you. Our dogs eat their beds within months if not sooner :) Cute cute.

  3. Hey!! I feel like we haven't talked in forever!! All of your little creations are way too cute and I'm so glad your new little business is taking off!!!! Cool way to use that ole' sewing machine!! I may have to order a couple of those cute little things to send to a friend of mine. She would love them!!

    Summer? Well, I'll be tutoring a few kids, which is good b/c at the moment, I don't have a contract for next year yet. Praying that our enrollment will get the numbers needed to keep me where I am, but if not I will sub at both campuses and at a couple of other schools in the area as well as tutor. Hopefully, that will bring in what is needed money wise. We know that GOD has a plan and will provide what we need.....pray with us please. I'm not really going to do anything else but enjoy the relaxed pace! I'm looking forward to it. JEB and I will do this and that, but nothing too much!

    B is looking so handsome these days!! He getting so big!!

  4. That's the best think I've ever seen. Emma just might have a pretty bed after all.

  5. Zoey's mom here.Wanted to stop by and thank you for your offer of help.I finally figured it out.Me and computers .... not friends!


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