Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beginning of Summer and Graduation!

Well it's finally warming up around here and it's been down right hot this week so Ainsley had a playdate with her friend Ellie and we decided to bring out Mr. Crab! The girls had a blast but I can't say the same for Bennett. Once his chubby legs touched the water he screamed and was not having it! So he sat close by in the shade and watched...
Much better! Poor thing, he's used to warm bath water and I try to throw him in cool (I tried to let it warm up in the sun for a few hours) water from the hose, not a happy fella. I got some really cute pics of him sitting on the steps but this one is becoming his signature look I'm afraid...
I'm telling you he'll do this one second and in next shot he's smiling and vice versa- so funny!!

Later in the day we had my baby girl's preschool graduation!! Can't believe she's going to be in kindergarten!!!

Looking so grown up in her little cap;(
Holding her "diploma" with her Daddy.
And then with mommy and brother.

After graduation we took Ainsley to dinner and then for some ice cream! It was 93 degrees when we left the restaurant at 7 pm so ice cream was the perfect treat!

Ainsley wanted one last picture of her in her cap and of course Harper refused to move:)

Congratulations Ainsley! You're growing up way too fast!

We have one last thing this week and it's big- Ainsley first dance recital!! I'll be sure to share pics but unfortunately none of the actual recital- we've got a rather strict dance instructor (not necessarily with the little girls just the older ones) and she runs a tight ship so I'll just have some of her in the adorable costume!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend- we'll be in recital mode!


  1. I am so loving that pouty lip:) Congrats to Miss Ainsley!!

  2. When summer is over you can bring Mr. Crab inside and fill him up with balls and make Bennett is own personal ball pit! His pouty lip is precious! Have a great weekend~

  3. congratulations ainsley - i love that they have caps for the kids to wear for preschool graduation :) the girls dresses are adorable (and i think i noticed mr. bennett wearing a matching outfit, too? - so cute!) i LOVE the pouty lip look, too funny!

  4. Congrats! That pouty lip is adorable!!!

  5. Congrats and the pics are so Awesome !! I have Kindergarten graduation on June 7th can't believe my girl will be gone to school all day !! Everyone once again is beautiful and thanx for sharing !!


  6. OH I love his signature look, such a cute little pouty lip! Congrats Ainsley, I am sure she is excited about kindergarten.

  7. great pictures! that pouty face is priceless! Preschool graduation!?! do grow up too fast.

  8. Wow ya'll have a big few weeks. Exciting times.


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