Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Whirlwind of a Weekend...

Our Memorial Day weekend was busy to say the least....

My mom came and Thursday night we watched Harper graduate from preschool...

It was a very cute ceremony and it's hard to believe she'll start kindergarten in 2 months!

 Bennett just struttin' his stuff;)

 My mom with the graduate.

Friday night my friend Susan and I had a little party for Harper and her good friend Lily Kate.  We made it a surprise for them and they had a blast!

 Walking in to see their surprise!

 Dancing the night away...and cartwheeling;)

These girls have so much fun together! 

 Susan's daughter (one of her triplets) was not to sure about Mike holding her.

Then Saturday was the big dance recital for the girls.  They both did such a great job!

Proud of my sweet girls!

Finally it was time to wind down and relax and just enjoy the weekend...

 We got Bennett a bounce house for his birthday and he LOVES it!!  So do the girls!!

We're having his party this weekend and I can't wait to get pics of all the little kids jumping!

 Ainsley started swim practice as well!  Interesting to say the least.  It's really hard when you and your husband both have extensive swimming, coaching, swim lesson teaching backgrounds and watch a bunch of young kids try to coach a team.  I'll just stop right there about that;)

 We went to the pool all 3 days of the extended weekend and Bennett seemed to enjoy himself;)

I'm so glad my mom could come down and enjoy all the festivities with us!  I'll leave you with this last picture...

A delicious drink (moscato, sprite and fruit)- a nice way to end a very busy weekend!


  1. how fun, that drink looks delish. precious costumes for the girls;)

  2. A cap and gown? How completely adorable. I've never seen that with preschool. Love it!

  3. Where did you get your dress you wore to the recital? Love it!

  4. Looks like a great weekend! Your hair is looking good! I am growing mine out, too!


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