Monday, May 7, 2012

A Fairy Party....

Hard to believe Harper is 5! Her party was so much fun to plan! Not gonna lie, there was lots of preplanning involved. I usually start thinking, gathering, and preparing things months before.  I'm big on the details so there is no last minute planning.  But it is nice to see the ideas I have in my head actually work out and of course to have a happy child at the end of it all;)

To sum it up before you see the pics:  We had fairy wands, fairy wings, fairy dust, a fairy scavenger hunt where they found their little items to make a fairy house (a tiny baby food jar-perfect little take home gift), fairy coloring page, fairy food, fairy juice, a fairy hut, tons of butterflies everywhere and lots of little girls running around in their tutus.  It was a good day!

So here ya go, Harper's 5th birthday party:  A Fairy Party....
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Happy 5th Birthday Harper!  We hope you enjoyed your party!

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  1. OMGosh, her party was BEAUTIFUL!!! How much fun!!!

  2. This fairy party is fantastic! So many beautiful elements. Oh, to be 5 years old again and attend a party like this! Bravo!
    I love your blog! I read it often. I don't yet have children and I'm no where near as crafty as you are, but I do share your love of home decor and party planning! I don't think you have to have all things in common with someone to admire them or be inspired by them. Hope you continue to find the time to write!


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