Monday, June 4, 2012

Bennett's "Nautical" Birthday Party!

This past weekend we celebrated Bennett's 3rd birthday with his nautical party!  I did a crab theme for his first, we didn't do a party for his 2nd so for his 3rd I decided to combine new and old decor and I think it turned out cute!  As usual I'd been planning for months but when the day finally arrived I barely had time to take pictures- at least good ones of all the cute stuff but here's what I got... and by the way the weather was PERFECT!!  Any time you take the risk to have a party outside it adds to the stress level but we could not have had a more perfect day in June!!  (Also thanks to my friend Jeff for grabbing my camera during the party and getting lots of great shots of Bennett and all the kids!)

 The candy bar!  Lots of goodies for Bennett's guests!

Big kids took home crab cookies and a bag of candy and the littles took home a shovel and pail filled with summer fun stuff.
The crab cookies I attempted to make turned out pretty good although the claws wanted to fall off but I know the kids didn't care! 

The food table!  

Mike cooked sliders on the grill and we had popcorn (red,white and blue-found it at Walmart!), peanuts, salad, fruit salad and corn dip.  Lots of pinterest ideas on this table!  A lot of the decor is actually from Bennett's bedroom and since his birthday is always around Memorial Day red,white, and blue things are easy to find in the stores.  Fabric drops were from my Lil Sis stash. 

Having the salads in these big jars was great to keep the bugs off...another pinterest idea;)
More red/white/blue and crab/nautical decor.
Bennett with one of his favorite people...Grandpa;)  

How sweet is he?!  You can see that he's looking right at the fire and sure enough right before I blew out the candle (because he wouldn't) he took his little hand and reached right for the flame-does it every time!

On a side note, in the background you can see all the drinks- We put them in our big wheel barrel and it worked great and looked really cute too...pinterest!  Highly suggest this for your next outdoor party, perfect size, rustic look-you gotta try it!!  

Kid madness!
Bennett's favorite set of triplets!  He's particularly fond of Sadie in the middle;)

My sweet 3 year old!

Having fun in the bounce house!

Ending the night with a sweet kiss on the cheek for his cousin Elle;)

So another birthday goes by and another party in the books.  It was a good one for sure!  Thanks to all who came out to celebrate with us!!  

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  1. It looked like a wonderful time was had by all! And what a beautiful (yes you can use beautiful for a boy) little boy!! His face melts my heart!

  2. Super cute! Happy Birthday to your sweetie pie!

  3. cant believe that he is three. love the party decor

  4. Can you please share where you purchased those ADORABLE nautical paper lanterns??

  5. That upclose picture of Bennett with his fingers in his mouth is just such a beautiful picture.


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