Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I need your help with something!

I need your help with something so simple but something that could really make a difference for someone near and dear to me.  My sister has her own purse company Lexiwynn designs, based out of Chicago, Illinois and she is in a contest to win a grant.  My sister and her husband work so hard every day to produce the best products for their customers and would greatly appreciate you taking just 2 minutes to vote for their business.  They need 250 votes and right now they have 211!!
So just click here  But read on to see how to-again very easy but there are a few steps.
When you click You will then see this page:LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK TOSUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY

Our Grant Pool has reached its goal of $3 Million! Now it's up to you to help your favorite small businesses by showing your Support. Log in below to search and vote.
Already a supporter?  and vote for your favorite small businesses. 

Then you will see this page (below) and you want to put Illinois as the state and Libertyville as the state.  LexiWynn should pop right up and then click support!  

For some reason typing in just the business name doesn't seem to work so just do the state and city search.  Very easy!!  This would make a huge difference for my sister and her husband's company.  Please, please help them out by this simple process!!  

No facebook info. is shared, you won't get any emails or anything like that.  

Thanks so much for taking the time to potentially make a huge difference!!

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