Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A simple solution....part 2.

This was part 1:

 Here's the necklace post.

And next it was time to tackle this:

An awful way to store earrings!!

Here's what it looks like now!...

 I just painted an old black frame I had (took the glass out), hot glued the wine corks to the back part of the frame and stuck my earrings in!  I love how it turned out and it's soooo much better than what I had before!!  I just have it hanging right by my necklaces... just high enough so no little fingers can touch;)

A friend of mine pinned this picture and it inspired me!  

For the record I've been saving some of those wine corks and I also found several in the attic from a wreath my mom made us years ago;)

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  1. I love both ideas. I now have a reason to drink tons of wine! thanks for sharing!

  2. That is so neat I am stealing that idea. LOL

  3. Found your blog from Pinterest. Love it. I am your newest follower :)


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