Thursday, February 9, 2012

A simple solution... annoying problem:  Where to hang all those jumbled up necklaces?  I've had my necklaces sprawled out all over the bathroom counter this week because I was determined to do something with them.  Sure, I've had jewelry boxes in the past but nothing really good for my necklaces or my earrings for that matter.  I was getting frustrated because I wanted a simple fix and didn't want to spend money to do it.  And I just couldn't find something I really liked, and then I saw this pin:

I knew this is what I needed to do!  I could not take another stressful session of untangling 5 necklaces when I was already running late!  I had the hooks and I had the towel rack that wasn't being used behind our bathroom door!  Perfect!  It's not in Mike's way and it's right near our closet.  Now I'm a happy, more organized mom who is always running out the door...

Again, not sure why I had extra shower curtain hooks but I did and I was so excited when I found them! Don't ya love when a project works out easily?  Doesn't happen very often.

Got any spare towel racks?  Got some extra shower curtain hooks?   And even if you don't, they're super cheap!  Now go organize those necklaces!!

Now I need to find something to organize this mess:

Another day I suppose.  Here are some cute pins I found for organizing earrings though:

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  1. LOVE it. I am so going to copy!

  2. Sherri Adams sherribadams@yahoo.comFebruary 10, 2012 at 7:13 PM

    Ok, Adrienne, working for Mike for less than a year, I feel like I already know you! I stumbled across your site shortly after Mike became my manager. I just about died when I realized who you were! I love, love, love Our Unexpected Journey! You are an INCREDIBLE woman with so much talent and I love following you on Pinterest and here. (hope you dont think I am stalking you. Ha!) Thanks to you, I discovered Pinterest. Wow! Saw the necklaces on towel bar too! Love it! I get so excited when I check email and you have posted something. Keep up the good work! Your ideas are amazing and your love for your family is beyond any love I have seen. You are a true inspiration to me and I am sure to many others as well. GOD BLESS YOU! Take Care! Look forward to meeting you soon!


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