Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March Showers Bring May Flowers....

So I know it's "April showers bring May flowers" but I just couldn't help myself....

Today was beautiful here in NC-close to 70, light breeze.  Tomorrow's supposed to be warmer.  What is a crazy girl like me supposed to do with a bare door?  I'm not really into decorating for St. Patrick's day ...but it is GREEN!

So I saw this "wreath" on Pinterest a couple months back....
Original pin I saw.

and thought if I see a green umbrella, I'm getting it and I'm making it.  Sure enough, a few weeks ago I spotted one at Target, just sitting there.  I practically ran over to snatch it up.  Poor Bennett was hanging on for dear life to the cart as I sped down the aisle...as if everyone else is looking for green umbrellas;)

Ya'll know I had to add the little "D" somewhere!  I've had this little egg for a few years-it's just an egg with a sticker on it-lol.  He makes his way into my decor pretty much year-round and I thought he'd be perfect on this spring wreath.

So this is very easy to make!  If you'd like to make one for yourself you'll need:

  • a large umbrella (this one was $12) 
  • tissue paper or newspaper
  • fake flowers (got mine at Walmart) 
  • other fake greenery (had it in the attic) 
  • some cute eggs (had them in the attic)
  • maybe a nest or two;)
  • moss  
  • ribbon  

I opened the umbrella just to the little button then stuffed the front 4 folds with tissue paper to make them puff out.  Then I shoved my fake greenery and flowers in there.  And then really just took my moss and hot glued the eggs and nest to the moss.  I may have glued the moss a tiny bit to the tissue but it stays pretty well.  You can add whatever spring item you want.  Tie your ribbon at the bottom, you can add more of that too!

Now you can have yours hang straight but I liked it at an angle so this is what I did to get that look...

Just took some clear wire and tied it around the door knob, looped it around the umbrella base and secured that with hot glue so it wouldn't slip down the umbrella.  Pretty clever, huh?;)

I feel like I can get away with this because it has been sooo warm and flowers are starting to pop up everywhere....but really I don't care.  I always decorate early and I'm sure the neighbors already think I'm a little strange anyway:0

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  1. Your "strange" is beautiful! I LOVE this idea. Now to find a bright green umbrella...
    (Yours is prettier than the original.)

  2. I love love love this idea! So adorable, definitely making this. We just got a snow storm here (MN), so I might have to wait a while to put mine up. :)

  3. That is adorable! You've inspired me to try to make one!

  4. Love, love, love it!!! I am going to ave to make one for myself!

  5. I first saw this in Midwest Living Magazine last spring and had to make one for my front door. Got my green umbrella at Target too (and felt just like you did -- just about tripped over my own two feet to get to it before someone else did)!! So glad to see your post. Now I know it's not too early to put mine out again. I don't think the neighbors will mind. :)

    P.S. This http://www.midwestliving.com/homes/ and Southern Living Magazine are both terrific magazines by the way.

  6. Cute!

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  7. You are so lucky we weren't at that Target at the same time, cause it probably would've been a tug of war, lol! I've been looking for one for a while (in Target, Walmart, Goodwill stores) and nothing so far. I also pinned this the moment I saw it and want to make it so bad. You did a great job by the way. I'm still hopeful I'll find something fitting, even considering spray painting for the perfect color.

  8. I love that you ran down the green umbrella. I did the same thing when I spotted mine on Sunday. Also at Target, lol.
    Very pretty.


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