Monday, March 19, 2012

Tiny Peep "Easter Baskets"!

So I'm helping with Harper's Easter party at school and since they're allowed to bring in candy I made up these "Peeps" baggies with the little printable I got here. They say:  "Happy Easter to one of my favorite peeps".   (side note: peeps are put in zip lock back and then printable is attached to top with staples-very simple).  

Anyways, I had a ton of these little peep boxes (they come in two packs from the Dollar Tree) and had one extra peep baggie I made up...

and with extra candy to put in it, Ainsley's good friend gets a cute little "Easter basket"!  I need to add some grass and maybe a candy filled egg.  But as usual- it's things I already had!  A little wrapping paper, the extra peeps box, staples and card stock for the handle can go a long way!

Now for Harper's class I'm just going to give the peeps in the baggie but I've got all these extra little boxes!

I know what some of you are thinking-why not just keep the darn peeps in the box they came in and give them like that?  Well now that would be just a tad boring, wouldn't it?!;)  So much cuter with the free printable!!  But these boxes are sturdy enough to add more candy along with the peeps.

I don't know, I just though it was a cute and easy way to do something just a little more special;)

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