Saturday, March 31, 2012

Once Just An Ugly Pickle Jar...

And now a cool "apothecary" jar!

Okay so it doesn't look like your typical apothecary jar but I think it looks cool.  I saw this idea somewhere, actually a couple of places and I always like to give credit but I just can't find the sites!  

Anyways, it's just a pickle jar cleaned up, glued with E-6000 glue (I believe you can get it at Michael's) to a candle stick that was a wedding present years ago.  The candle stick is beautiful!  It was sitting in the attic and I knew I had to put it to good use.  I painted the lid with Martha Stuart's chalk board paint-love this color!  You'll see this color in some upcoming posts!  Lots of big projects this spring!

Anyways not sure where I want to put it!

I like it paired with this mason jar on the far right though!  (Just used the E-6000 glue and attached the mason jar to a wooden candle stick from Michael's.)  Painted it with the same chalk board blue:)  Needs something in it but I think I'm egged out;0

And I really like them both with the red truck!  This other "mini apothecary" jar that's sitting in the truck was easy to make as well- glass container and candle stick were both from Walmart for no more than $5 total- E-6000 glue again!

So eat some pickles, search your attic for old candle sticks or get them at Walmart and purchase some E-6000!

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