Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Busy as usual around here. Can't believe I haven't posted in a week but pure craziness has erupted it seems and as if I wasn't busy enough, I'm going to be a whole lot busier...more on that later;) {no, I'm not pregnant}

We had a big weekend here but before that, in my precious, spare time I made some fun things I'd like to share...

A fun summer wreath! I found the idea here, she deserves the credit but I added my newest obsession- starfish and seashells!
Super fun and cheap shoes! Again, found the idea here. Cheap walmart shoes dyed to your favorite color! Sooo easy! I can't come up with all this stuff on my own! The girls LOVE their new shoes by the way and I'm really digging mine as well!

So on to our weekend...

My mom came up, which was wonderful and got to see Ainsley in her kindergarten fashion show and concert!

For the fashion show you had to write a small paragraph about the first letter of your name and come up with a matching costume and props. We did Apples for Ainsley and I made her a little dress and she carried out a basket of fake apples and a fake apple pie that I made. All the kids were so cute and some of the costumes were so creative-very impressed.

The next day was our neighborhood garage sale. My mom is a super perfectionist {wonder where I got it from??} so we had the nicest looking garage sale by far if you asked me;)

I mean, would you look how professional this looks!? My jewelry sold well {for .50 it should have!} but I did have to snag back those blue earrings in the far lower, right corner. Forgot I had those and decided I still liked them;)

More of my mom's cute way of displaying things.

So the next day was Ainsley's dance recital. Actually she had to perform 4 times-twice Saturday and twice Sunday-more like a dance marathon!

Before the recital, waiting to go in. Harper was excited to hold Ainsley's flowers.

Backstage- two brown eyed beauties!

More backstage.

I barely got any pictures of her in her costume so here she is in all her glory! {Pictures are not allowed during the performance.}

So that wrapped up our weekend. It was exhausting but fun!

I did want to share that Bennett is now sporting new shoes with his new orthotics. For those that don't know, orthotics are small inserts that help support the arch of the foot and ankles. Kids with Down syndrome have lower tone so these offer just a little support. You can barely see Bennett's as they go just a little above his ankle. He doesn't seem to mind them either.

Look at my little man! Love him!!

Other than that, just starting our crazy lazy summer days:)

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  1. I have been wondering where you have been :-) Love the wreath! Your Mom looks great! How are you doing with everything? Emily has orthotics too and they really seem to help with her balance and endurance (her legs and feet don't tire as quickly when we walk with her).

  2. June is a very crazy mom time!! So many things wrapping up! What a beautful ballerina you got there!! My daugters recital is this week, very excited!! Hope all is going well for you! Great pictures of your garge sale, very impressed! Take care!!

  3. I love the pic of the brown eye beauties and their missing teeth! Adorable!

  4. Look at your precious boy with his big boy shoes :-) Love all the pics.


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