Monday, June 13, 2011

A Cupcake Party For Harper!

I've been planning this party for months. Seriously, I think I started purchasing things back in March. Harper's original party date was supposed to be in the beginning of May but then my dad passed away and of course that changed everything. Just didn't feel like partying.

But I really wanted to do this for my little girl because Harper is the middle child, she puts up with a lot and Bennett gets a ton of attention with all of his therapies. I felt Harper needed a special party this year and after all, girls just wanna have fun:)

So without further ado, a cupcake party for our little cupcake;)....

At the bottom of the post I'll list where I got everything in case you're planning a cupcake party-such an easy and fun theme!!

The weather held out-so thankful for that because it looked like it could start raining at any minute! I'm loving pom poms right now and they added the perfect touch, just floating above. Pink and green were the colors-another easy combo!

The birthday girl! Her favorite color is purple so of course I had to make her a skirt and then I found a cute apron kit (Hobby Lobby) for a child and doll and it fit her theme perfectly.

Harper with her "Bitty Baby" in their matching aprons!

The goods.

Another beautiful cake made by my talented friend Jeannie! We are really going to miss Jeannie and her wonderful cakes when we move!! The inside was purple upon Harper's request;)

By no means do they look professional but I wanted to tackle making my own sugar cookies with royal icing and I feel I succeeded. I'll list the site where I got the easy instructions on the bottom. Cute stickers were from etsy-site listed at the bottom.

I found these straws on etsy and these glasses jars at Hobby Lobby. I just took of the tops of the jars and they worked great as cute glasses to hold the pink lemonade!

The party was later in the day so I offered light "healthy" snacks along with a ton of sugary ones;)

I saw this somewhere and the person was selling it for $45- I knew I could make it for less since I already had a ton of ribbon. So easy, just used a topiary and then cut ribbon about 4 inches long, looped it and pinned it with tiny sewing pins.

Ainsley's room is pink and green so it now sits in her room as a decoration and she loves it!

More cupcake things I found at Micheals and etsy. The little cupcake confetti as well as the big cupcakes hanging from the lanterns (hard to see) were from an etsy site and I got them for a great price.

So for the party I had the girls decorate their paper baker hats with markers and stickers. The girls were all either age 6 or 4 and they loved writing their own name by themselves. Some of the little ones needed help but I think they enjoyed decorating their hat with tons of stickers!

After that, the girls iced and decorated their own cupcakes that I had made. Ainsley's proud of her creation.

Not sure if Harper could get anymore sprinkles on hers!
The whole gang!

After the cupcakes, we decorated our own cupcake cake pops but we don't have pictures because that took both Mike and I to help and supervise;) Btw, Mike was a HUGE help!!!

We also cracked open a cupcake pinata but again no pics, just video and it's hilarious to hear the 6 year olds tell the 4 year olds: "Get it girl!"

Bennett could have cared less about all the girly stuff and went straight for the bat we used for the pinata- "attaboy!"

All in all the party was a success and Harper told me the next morning that she loved her party and all the things they did-I'm one happy momma:)

Here's where I got ideas and everything seen at the party:

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  1. Hello - those cookies look totally professional. Love the whole theme!

    great job!
    and that cake knocked my socks off!

  3. so adorable! I can see it must have been fun to plan.

  4. It looks adorable and so much fun! Congrats on your move BTW.

  5. you sure throw one heck of a PaRTY!! great job...looks so pretty and perfect! smiles

  6. What an awesome party! I'm soooo not crafty and creative. I love how you decorate your home as well.

  7. happy happy day miss harper!! everything looked ADORABLE! and when i read you were moving to the south i thought maybe tennessee ;)

  8. What a fun, girly party! =) I love how you do not miss a detail -- my kids are lucky if they get a cake - ha!
    Love the picture of Harper on her invitation -- gorgeous!
    Good luck with your move. We will miss you up here -- but can understand the excitement to be moving back "home".

  9. you always have the BEST parties ever!!!!


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