Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little bunny here, a little bird's nest there...

So Easter is up at our house!  I realize it's over a month away but I'm not really into decorating for St. Paddy's day and I'm well over being ready for spring, so it's up.  Shall we take a look?

This was my inspiration {no this is not my house-don't I wish!} Picture is from Pottery Barn.  I'm obsessed with bunnies, eggs, birds and nests this year.  I apologize a head of time for the lighting in some of these pics- I guess we're getting our typical spring weather...which is rain, so there's not much natural light coming in-blah!

This is my version of the pottery barn inspiration.  I couldn't find cream colored eggs to save my life so the speckled, pastel eggs would have to work.  I then attempted to stencil on the letters...that was a big mistake but thankfully the paint came off and I just put stickers on the eggs-you can't even tell that they're stickers.

Hopefully I spent less then I would have if I purchased them from Pottery Barn.  For some reason many of my "oh I can do that!" projects turn out to be a mistake but I always seem to fix it some how.  Whatever.

Anyways, I had this broken glass in this frame that was sitting in the garage for about a year and I actually spray painted it in this robin egg blue a long time ago.  So I pulled it out and went through every room trying to use it somewhere because I LOVE robin egg blue.  It ended up on the dining room table and I think I like it there.  Kind of unexpected.

And here are some of my eggs and nests in all their glory.  I don't know who is the mother of all these eggs-are they bunny eggs?  Do bunnies lay eggs?  Well of course they don't, they're mammals but that little bunny on my table seems to be protecting tiny eggs??  So then they're bird's eggs?  Well I don't care whose eggs they are, I love eggs!  For the record, I know bunnies don't lay eggs;)

I found these little place card holders at Hobby Lobby and since they are close to my robin egg blue, I thought they added a nice touch.

I just like how these chocolates look in the glass jar!  Plus they are in the dining room, a room I don't walk through ever day so they are a tad less tempting;)....A TAD.

So I've had these palm tree pictures for about 10 years now.  Our first home was in Myrtle Beach, SC and I had a safari theme going on throughout the house.  That's not really working up here in PA and quite frankly, these pictures are the last safari type thing I have up and then there will be no more safari-I'm over it.  However, they are nice pictures so maybe I'll put them in a basement one day if we ever have a finished basement, I don't know.

Sorry, bad photoshop job but I've seen a really cool and inexpensive way to add texture and color to a room:  purchase blank canvases at Micheal's or wherever and then use your favorite fabric to cover them-I plan on just hot gluing mine.  So this is what I would like it to look like...or something along these lines. I think the "blonde" color and blue look cool together and again unexpected!  And yes, those are little birds up there perched on their newly painted, blue wall sconces;) {they were green before...of course.}

Okay, moving on.

This bunny (Hobby Lobby) seemed like she needed a few more eggs so that's what she got!

I don't know if this is a deviled egg holder or what but I thought it would look cute on my kitchen table and of course the bunny needed to be surrounded by eggs.

What's this?  More eggs?  Well, yes and why not have a monogrammed egg? LOL
Love bird cages can't get enough of them...

And finally...

Yes, finally, here comes the sun!  Hopefully in more ways than one.

So I suppose my next project will be to set up the back porch and gazebo-it's probably going to be another month or so but I can't wait!!



  1. Very nice! I am so NOT I am always impressed when people take on projects.

  2. Funny! For some reason I can not make myself decorate for Easter! I don't know why. I'll have to examine my heart closely on that one. However, I am also kinda confused about how bunnies and eggs came to be paired together.
    Your house looks amazing!! Come decorate mine anytime!

  3. Your house looks AMAZING! If you wouldn't have said anything about the stickers on the eggs, I wouldn't have noticed.
    I had to laugh out loud at the photoshop. The colors are great though! It will look awesome when you are done.
    Great job decorating for one of my favorite times of the year!

  4. Amazing - I still can't believe your kids don't destroy all the great decorations!

  5. Totally beautiful!

    Tammy and Parker

  6. I love your creativity! I long to have decorations and things out and about that don't get destroyed...or attempted to be eaten!

  7. beautiful. love the blank canvas idea...something I will look into because nice wall art is so expensive!

  8. WOW, your house looks fantastic! Hope you are doing well, haven't seen you in like forever! However, if you are ever interested my dad is retired (kinda) & is the greatest handyman around town! He finished our basement & many others & does beautiful work. If you are ever interested, let me know. He is literally walking distance up the road from you.

    :) Jen

  9. everything looks so cute and so 'springy'! i hope to get out easter decorations out this week...the girls are on spring break and they love to help, esp. miss emme grace :) thanks for the inspiration !


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