Friday, March 18, 2011

Bennett's Certain Things....

Bennett has certain things that at any chance he gets, or if the opportunity presents itself, he's going to attempt to get into them.  2 main things are:
  • the dog bowls (never fails, if they are on the floor, Bennett is in super fast army crawl mode, heading straight for those bowls) and 
  • baby wipes.  

If the little lid is up on the wipe container, forget it.  Wipes are everywhere.  And recently, even if the little lid isn't up, he's figured it out....

Umm, whatcha doin' Bennett?? (He totally knows he's not supposed to do this.)

"Oh hi mommy, umm, just looking at the wipe box"


"Did I just pull all of those out?"

"Don't be mad at me mommy."

"C'mon, how could you be mad at me?"

"Here, you take one."

"They're so much fun!"

"Really, they are!"

"I love you mommy."

Hmm, he is pretty convincing, isn't he?;)


  1. I could never be upset with that precious little face. He is beyond adorable.

  2. gosh his hair has gotten thick and dark!

  3. Well, he's so darn cute doing it, I think it's worth the mess!

    Luc has the same obsessions, those, our cell phones and my favorite the toilet. Oh joy!

  4. He's way to cute to get in trouble! He can come pull the wipes out at my house anytime he wants if he gets that cute, excited little grin on his face while doing it! :)

  5. Max is a wipe kiddo too. Piper was never into making such messes!

  6. LOL...I LOVE 17 month old does the SAME thing. My poor dog can't even have water in her bowl all the time because I know it will end up all over the floor. She does the same things with the wipes as well....It is rare that I can actually pull the wipes through the top slot because they are usually a big ball of them inside from stuffing them all back in...

    He is so cute....I know I could never be mad at that face!!

  7. I LOVE these pictures! Bennett is such a darling, and his smile is contagious. Whenever I see pictures of him I wish that you lived nearby and we could arrange a real live play date.

  8. Can I just tell you that if we ever meet in person and you have this adorable boy with you, I am soooooo taking him home with me!!! I just love him to pieces!

    PS How is your dad? Trial start today? Message me if you have any new info. Always praying...

  9. Oh my goodness, Emily LOVES wipes too! She also likes any kind of paper too and my least favorite is that she now pulls herself up to the toilet (if the lid is left open) and plays in the water...yuck!


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