Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Girl Was Ready!

Harper had her first day of preschool! She's been ready for a while now and was so excited this morning to go!
Now of course, If I made Ainsley a first day of school outfit, I had to make Harper one too! She's was so excited to hold that little book bag, too funny!
With her big sis.
Ainsley was excited for Harper because she'd be getting the same teachers Ainsley had when she was 3 and she couldn't wait to find out what all Harper did when she came home.
At school with her friend Addison-they are just too cute!
Waiting to go in! She's got a nice bruise on her forehead and a scratch on her nose, nice for the first day of school, huh? This girl is always falling or bumping or jumping but she usually just shakes it off!
And this is where I left her. Just a kiss and a hug and a "see ya soon" was it.

Yep, she was ready.


  1. Short & sweet, and completely READY!! The girls are getting so big!! I just LOVE their outfits....where is the boys line??!! lol

  2. They are both adorable. Great job on their outfits.

  3. such a big girl - you can tell how excited she is in the pics :)

  4. I love how excited she is, I love it!

  5. oh how sweet! I love when kids are excited about school.

  6. she looks so happy and excited to be going to school just like her big sister!!!


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